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And so on...: Today's Message from St. Dunstan's: August 5, 2020

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Today's Message from
St. Dunstan's
August 5, 2020
From the Rector
Dear friends,
One of the iconic and most memorable TV commercials from my youth was an ad for Faberge Organics shampoo. You may have seen it: It featured product spokesperson Heather Locklear hocking a luxurious new shampoo she had just discovered. "It was so good I told two friends about it," she gushed. "And they told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on." Every time someone new heard the news, her image doubled, until by the final "and so on" the whole screen was full of tiny Heather Locklears in Zoom-style boxes. (If you'd like to see the ad, this is the best version I could find. It's grainy, but you'll get the idea!)
In addition to offering a helpful object lesson on exponents, the point of the commercial, of course, was the power of telling two friends. The excitement about her great new shampoo spread quickly and efficiently because people were so compelled that they couldn't keep it to themselves anymore - and that excitement begat more excitement. Each person simply had to share the good news.
When was the last time you just couldn't wait to make a recommendation to somebody else? During Zoom Coffee Hour last Sunday we talked about what we're reading, and folks shared several good book titles; during Friday Fellowship time we often discuss the latest series we're watching on Netflix or Prime. I, for one, am always grateful for these suggestions, because I've found some new favorites this way. Please keep the referrals coming!
It's natural to want to share our discoveries with other people, and it feels good when someone else appreciates a recommendation that we've made. But when it comes to our faith, we Episcopalian tend to be a bit more shy about sharing. Many - if not most - of us are reluctant to talk too openly about our relationship with Jesus. Why is this, I wonder?
No Wednesday Compline
this Week
Just a reminder that Wednesday evening Compline is "on hiatus" for the month of August and will resume at 8:30 p.m. on September 2.
If you and your family would like to say Compline together at home, the service begin on page 128 in The Book of Common Prayer - or at this link.
I look forward to sharing Compline again with you in September! ~ Patty+
Reaching Out
In the past, St. Dunstan's has donated funds toward schooling and feeding one child for a year at Buen Pastor, an Episcopal School in Quito, Ecuador where our missionaries, the Vivancos, oversee the school. For the past 29 years, Buen Pastor has served a vulnerable community, including orphans and those living with addiction, by providing a range of community development programs.
The cost of feeding and educating one child at Buen Pastor is $39 per month, or $468 a year. We as a parish have decided to continue to support Buen Pastor with a gift for one year of $468 from our Outreach budget. In addition, we can support additional children for the year by collecting donations from St. Dunstan's parishioners. For every 12 individuals or households who contribute $39, we have enough to feed and educate an additional child. We have reached our goal of educating and feeding one additional student for a year, and we're on our way toward funding a second. Your donation can make that possible!
If you would like to help support a child at Buen Pastor, please make your check for $39 (or more, if you'd like!) payable to St. Dunstan's, with "Buen Pastor, e=h" in the memo line. You may mail your donation to the church (5450 Massachusetts Avenue, Bethesda, 20816); the mailbox is secure and is cleared regularly.  
Thank you to those parishioners who already sponsor a child for one year. We appreciate everyone's contribution to this project!
For further information about Outreach at St. Dunstan's, please contact Elin Botha, Outreach Coordinator, at elin.botha@gmail.com.

Parish Prayer List
For healing, strength, and protection:
Donna Almon
Nancy Bancroft
Richard and Florence Banks
Angie Blake-Moore
Phil Carroll
Bill Darnell
Kenny Farnsworth 
Warren Green
The Hamilton Family
Anja Hein
Barbara and John Hocker
The Rev. Deacon Fergie Horvath
Mac Johnston
Jason and Amy Krill and their family
Riley Leitermann-Long
Jen Noberini
The Rev. Deacon Julie Petersmeyer
Pam Plaisance
Curt Shively
Allison Spaulding
Lina Verville
Pat von Rautenkranz
Don Wasseman
May they rest in peace, and rise in glory:
Sylvia O’Connor
The victims of yesterday's tragic explosion in Beirut, Lebanon
The victims of
This Week at St. Dunstan's
Friday Morning: Morning Prayer
Join Intern Robin Reed for Morning Prayer at 7 a.m. on Friday, August 7, via Zoom. To participate in the service, simply click here
Friday Afternoon: Community Fellowship Time
Come join your St. Dunstan's friends for an hour or so of connection and conversation! Use this Zoom link on Friday, August 7, at 5 p.m.  (Meeting ID: 842 3801 8662)
Sunday Morning: Sunday Worship with St. Dunstan's
Please plan to join your sisters and brothers in Christ for worship via Zoom and Facebook Live next Sunday, August 9, 2020 at 10 a.m. To participate in the Zoom meeting, please use this link, which will go live beginning at 9:50 a.m.; the Meeting ID is 826 4027 2649.  Immediately following worship, stay online for Coffee Hour to connect with your St. Dunstan's friends!
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