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Using God's gifts to do God's work in the world.

We begin from an understanding that all that we are, and all that possess, are gifts from God.  As God’s children we are not our own; we belong to God.  And all creation is a gift of God too, to be treasured and cared for.  Christians speak of how we handle all of God’s gifts as stewardship.


Jesus talked a lot about money, because he understood its power and temptation for human beings.  The love of money is the root of all evil, says the Bible!  But money, properly used, can do wonderful things – it can feed children, house a homeless person, offer a hospitable meal, or reach across the world to relieve poverty in a far-off land.   

Throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to set aside a tithe (one-tenth) of our resources (income) for God’s work.  We are not all at that level, I’m afraid.  But we are all on a spiritual journey which involves our relationship with money.  If we are able to give generously to the church and other great causes, we are not possessed by our money and the desire to keep it or hoard it. 

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