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Global Outreach

null Ecuador

 Meet Cameron, Roberto, Graham and Liam Vivanco!  Our Episcopal missionaries serving in Quito,   Ecuador.  Roberto is from Quito, Ecuador and Cameron is from Durham, NC. Their sending church   is St. Matthew’s Spartanburg, SC.

 They serve, intentionally forming relationships and discipling almost every socio-economic level in   Ecuador from the poverty class (where the majority of the short-term teams and individuals   minister)  to middle class (training and resourcing youth ministries as well as local church bands that   want to record worship music) to the upper English speaking class (at the English speaking church).  They believe their ministry is to promote empowerment, discipleship, training, leadership development, and record music and lead worship to further the gospel.

They developed a special ministry program called Education = Hope which provides scholarships for children in abject poverty to attend school.  St. Dunstan’s currently supports five children in this scholarship program at an Episcopal Church in Quito, Buen Pastor.  We also support the Vivancos directly by contributing to their ministry fund.  All missionaries in this program must raise all of their funding through sponsoring churches and individuals.

Five Talentsnull

Five Talents is an Anglican Church organization that provides microcredit services in the poorest countries of the world.  Working with local churches, savings groups are formed, financial and business education is provided.  The local people (mostly women) start small businesses which then support themselves, their families, and their children in school.  St. Dunstan’s currently funds a program in South Sudan, where Five Talents is one of the only agencies still working.  


null Syrian Refugees

 In the fall of 2016 St. Dunstan's responded to the crisis of Syrian refugees attempting to enter   Europe by sending funds and clothing items to missionaries in Croatia who are aiding refugees in   temporary camps. Aaron and Winnie Horvat are serving through the Assemblies of God and their   primary mission is working with young people. When hundreds of refugees began flooding into   Croatia, they reached out to various friends in faith communities for support. Besides home-made   fleece blankets, clothing and winter items, St. Dunstan's funding provided much needed infant   formula to the camps.

In 2017 we have provided welcome kits - household supplies for refugees settling in the D.C. area.  We sponsored a well-attended State Department briefing on the refugee situation in summer 2017.  Several parishioners are English language tutors for refugee families.  In Fall 2017 we are collecting warm coats for all ages, and exploring a relationship with a refugee family.  





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