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Monday's News from St. Dunstan's- June 14, 2021

Posted 6:38 PM
The News from
St. Dunstan's
June 14, 2021
From the Rector
Winged Creatures of Every Kind
(Mixed media liturgical art by Sue Carroll)
Dear friends,
Thank you to those who attended yesterday's service at St. Dunstan's! If you were not able to worship in person or online in "real time," I have included the link to the recording with this email. Simply click on Sue Carroll's stunning liturgical art (above), and you will be taken directly to the St. Dunstan's YouTube channel. Because some folks worshipping online had trouble with the audio during Sunday's sermon, here is the link to the text.
Tomorrow I will publish the sign-up link for worship this Sunday, June 20. Your pre-registration will help us prepare ample Communion cups (of bread and wine) for all in attendance. Thank you for your help as we adjust to indoor worship again!
I wish you all a peaceful, joy-filled week ahead. For those beginning to travel again, please stay safe - and please join us on Facebook next Sunday!
The Rev. Patricia Phaneuf Alexander, Rector
It's Not Too Late to Sign Up!
Blood Drive TOMORROW, June 15
Tuesday, June 15
1:30-6:30 p.m.
The Church of the Redeemer
6201 Dunrobbin Drive
Please use THIS LINK to register, or
reach out to Patty for assistance.
An Inspirational Resurrection Story
Please take a moment to read this Bethesda Beat story about St. John's, Norwood parishioner John Ross (who spoke to us during a Zoom Coffee Hour forum last year about Nourishing Bethesda). As you may be aware, John was in a near-fatal car accident in December 2019. In the months since, he has channeled his gratitude for his survival into a truly transformational ministry with Nourishing Bethesda. Read this short piece for "the rest of the story"!
Thanks to Marsha Barnes for sharing this good news.
Bible Study Wednesday @ 10:30
St. Paul's Letter to the Romans
Our weekly Bible Study continues this 
Wednesday, June 16, at 10:30 a.m. Use this link to join the class (Meeting ID: 326 468 549). This week we will be discussing Romans Chapter 15. No preparation or previous Bible Study experience is required...Come and see!
Morning Prayer M-F, by Phone
Each morning at 10 a.m. we offer Morning Prayer by telephone. All you need to do is call our dedicated "prayer hotline" (508.924.1769) and Patty or another leader will pray with and for you. You can participate actively or listen quietly, as you prefer. Please join us!
For Your Prayers
For healing, strength, and protection:
Philip Adams, Joey Alfonso, Ruth Arichea, Joyce Barnett,
Sydney Betz, Carol Boesch, Connie Carpenter, Phil Carroll, 
Bishop-elect Paula Clark, Bill Darnell, Jack Donnelly,
Kenny Farnsworth, Maddie Fennell, Warren Green,
Todd Leonard, Victoria Lodewick, Joyce Nugent,
Carol Patterson, Gloria Pearlstein, Allison Roberts,
Curt Shively, Lina Verville, Don Wasseman, Charlie Wooters, Carmen, Claire, and Katherine
The peoples of Palestine and Israel
The Vivanco Family (missionaries in Quito, Ecuador)
Those victimized by racial hatred and gun violence
Those impacted by COVID-19,
particularly the peoples of Haiti and India
Those experiencing homelessness, hunger, unemployment,
and underemployment
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