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  Jeffrey B.  MacKnight, Rector

 I've always been a ponderer...wondering why the     world is the way it is, where life comes from, and   what my purpose is in the world.  I also ask why  there is such evil and suffering.  And I'm a story  addict - I read and listen to all kinds of stories and  mine them for meaning and insight.  

 Having grown up in the Episcopal Church, I  discovered that others have been asking the same  questions for centuries.  I also came to discover a  loving God who gives meaning to our days, and  invites us always to journey in greater and greater  love.  I realized that Jesus shows us how to live a  purposeful and joyful life, taking the suffering with the blessings as part of the package of creation, and always finding new life after experiences of death.    

After college I went to seminary (theological school) to test my call to become a priest.  I felt God's affirmation for that path.  I've been rector (priest) at St. Dunstan's for 15 years, and served churches in Nebraska and New Jersey before that.  I enjoy creating joyful worship, building community in the church, and exploring our faith in small groups.  My wife Leslie and I have two children in their early twenties.  All four of us love music and find much joy in it.  We live in a home ruled by two Golden Retrievers and a brown tabbycat, through whom we experience an unconditional love that can only be Godlike.

Kimberly Matthews, Parish Administrator

I began my tenure as parish administrator in November of 2014. I was born in North Carolina and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I came to the area to attend Howard University where I earned a degree in Political Science. Upon graduation I started a career in non-profit management. I have worked for a variety of organizations in the area and held a variety of positions. I like to think of myself as a “Jill of all trades” when it comes to administration. I look forward using my creative and organizational skills to serve the people of St. Dunstan’s and to further the churches mission.

nullJoseph Arkfeld, Interim Music Director and Organist

Joseph L. Arkfeld received his Master of Music in Piano Performance at the University of Maryland, College Park, in the studio of Larissa Dedova, and his Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at Lawrence University in the studio of Anthony Padilla. While at Lawrence, he studied organ performance, and continued his organ studies with John Walker in Baltimore, MD after moving to the DC area. Joseph's piano skills have taken him across the U.S. and Europe as a collaborative and solo pianist, and he is the Third Prize winner of the 2018 Russell C. Wonderlic Piano Competition.

‚ÄčIn May 2017 he founded New Dynamic, a new music ensemble fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, and he is the group’s artistic director and resident composer. One of Joseph’s compositions for the group, Blue Bird, was presented at the Music Encoding Initiative Encoding Initiative at the University of Maryland, College Park, in May 2018 and at the Digital Humanities Conference in Mexico City in June 2018. The piece is an interdisciplinary collaboration created with research programmer Dr. Raffaele Viglianti that sets the text from some of Emily Dickinson’s draft manuscripts to a digital score that changes based on the weather.  New Dynamic is one of a very small number of projects that are exploring the medium of the digital dynamic score powered by MEI. Joseph resides in the DC area with his wife, soprano and co-founder, Tory Wood where he is a faculty member teaching piano and music theory at the International School of Music.

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