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St. Dunstan’s supports itself through the giving of its members and friends.  Each fall we have an stewardship campaign to gather pledges (estimates of financial giving) for the coming year.  These pledges support the majority of our operations, with a budget around $450,000.  We receive no financial support from outside our parish.

Scripture teaches that our gifts and pledges should be a meaningful portion of our income…not an afterthought, or “what’s left” after everything else is paid for.  It’s a challenge…a new way of thinking…but giving comes with marvelous joy and satisfaction as we move along the path. 

Our theme for the 2020 Stewardship  Campaign is: "Planting Seeds."  

Each of us has a part to play in the future of St. Dunstan's.  As we reflect on our congregation and outreach activites, that support is essential.  We want to move into 2020 in strength.  The campaign will begin Sunday, October 20 and end with a festive brunch on Sunday, November 17 following the service.  Information about our parish's ministries, our budget, and about pledging will be available in many forms.  

Our campaign chairs this year are Sue Carroll at grammasuecarroll@gmail.com  and Rosi Sweeney at  rosievergreen@gmail.com  Please contact them with your questions.  

To make a pledge to the church, please click here.


The Endowment Committee and Anvil Society

The Anvil Society develops future financial resources for St. Dunstan's through the support of our endowment and the growth of our legacy society. Bequests, trusts, and current gifts of cash, securities, and real estate are encouraged. A committee of five oversees these invested funds.

Financial Management

Cliff White, Treasurer, works with finance committee to provide clear, transparent accounting for all funds.  Cliff works with the vestry in developing the annual budget, planning for future needs, and managing the cash flow and financial systems at St. Dunstan's.  An annual outside financial review is conducted by an accounting firm to assure our financial integrity.  




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