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Book of the Month- November 2017

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Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets- 2017

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Thanksgiving Baskets
It's that time of year again! Helping the families served by N.C.C.F. to have a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Let's try to equal our giving of last year. 

It is a simple and fun activity for the whole family. Take a basket and flyer from the church beginning on Sunday, October 22 and return it to the church no later than Sunday, November 12
Then participate in N.C.C.F.'s Pie & Stuffing Party on
Wednesday, November 18 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. All present will fill a few hundred more baskets with people from all over Bethesda. All ages are invited and encouraged to come out for this event.



10/22/2017-Help Us Help Refugees

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Refugee Training for Volunteers and More

Volunteers who would like to work one-on-one with refugee families are required to attend a short training session presented by Lutheran Social Services, the lead refugee settlement agency in this area.  St John's Norwood parish is arranging a training session in the near future and has invited interested members of St Dunstan's to join them.  

St John's will be settling a refugee family and the required training is an early step on the process.  St Dunstan's hopes to assist in the process by contributing volunteers, household goods, tutoring and transportation from time to time.  While St Dunstan's is probably too small to sponsor a family on its own, we can help make St John's efforts--and those of other congregations--a success.  Please consider how you might wish to help.  
St John's does not have a firm date for the training yet  but will keep us posted.
In the meantime, Donna Alvarez attended tutor training sponsored by Montgomery County's Welcoming Our New Neighbors program.  Other St Dunstan's volunteers have expressed interest; more are welcome.  Patty Larson is a coordinator with that program and you can contact her at 240-355-5140 for details.
Our Winter Coats Drive continues through October.  Already, several coats for men, women and children have arrived at St Dunstan's.  If you have coats to contribute, please leave them at the church, in the foyer by the table near the basement stairs.
As always, your help is appreciated widely.
Ray Donnelly



Creation Season 2017

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Every October, St. Dunstan's celebrates God's creation in our worship services, and this year's theme is The Seasons. Each of the first four weeks of October will be dedicated to a season of the year - Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Music in both services will focus on nature, creation, and stewardship of our world. We'll supplement our liturgy with readings of seasonal prayers and poetry by Joyce Rupp. Our worship space will also be transformed each week with art and flowers that reflect each season. 

Also, mark your calendars - on Oct. 29, we'll commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. 
Michael Austin
Director of Music



Animal Blessing

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Oktoberfest 2017

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Book Of the Month

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Minimum Wage Forum

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On September 11, St. Dunstan's hosted a lively and informative discussion of the $15/hour minimum wage bill before the Montgomery County Council.  It featured presentations by County Council Chairman Roger Berliner, who had reservations about the bill, but committed to passing some version of it before the end of the year, and Councilmember Marc Elrich, the sponsor of the bill. This was a great chance for St. Dunstan's parishioners and members of the local community to catch up on a crucial public policy issue that has a significant moral and religious dimension.  We had about 40 people there.

The Montgomery County Council is considering a revised bill raising the county minimum wage to $15/hour by 2020.  It is currently $11.50.  In its last action, the Council called for an economic report, which was delivered over the summer. At our meeting, both councilmembers criticized the report.  It will be the subject of a discussion with the Council on September 19.  There will be a further hearing on September 26, at which I will be testifying.  If you are interested in attending as well, let me know.  These meetings are a good way to understand community sentiment and see our Council at work.

Berliner said they would get a bill passed this year.  Erlich was also confident that something would be accomplished this year. The audience raised a series of questions probing the councilmembers on issues such as exceptions for workers making tips, the size of the company that would be able to delay compliance, teen exception, what to do about non-profits.
This was an important event for St. Dunstan's in establishing ourselves as a place for the discussion of significant moral issues in public policy.  We had previously had a successful discussion of immigration.  The Economic Justice Working will be meeting soon to think about next steps in our work in this area.  If you are interested please get in touch with Mark MacCarthy.



Children's Formation: 09/17/2017

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What's Your Favorite Story?

On Sunday, September 17 we begin our journey into the Old Testament by hearing about favorite stories. 
All children are encouraged to bring their favorite story book - picture or chapter book - to church for a Show and Tell time. 
The Old Testament, or Hebrew Scriptures, are full of stories - some are historical, some are told in song or poetry, and others try to explain how God and God's people grew in relationship over time.  Join us from 9:50 to 10:35 a.m.
Please help us out and fill in a simple registration form for Children's Formation.

If you have children who are infants through 4th grade please fill out this Children's Form



Hurricane Harvey Relief... from our neighbors in the Diocese of Maryland

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Hurricane Harvey Relief
What Can I Do?

At this time all agencies are asking people not to head to Texas or Louisiana if you are not already part of a group such as the Red Cross or other relief agencies on the ground. Right now in Maryland the BEST thing we can do is donate money to the relief agency of your choice. Episcopal Relief & Development, Red Cross, Salvation Army, whoever you are comfortable with. The recovery from Harvey will take years to complete and there will be many opportunities for people from our area to go and help -- well after the cameras, feeding trucks and others have gone home. The only request we are making at this time is to donate money. That is distributed locally to those who are in the impacted areas and is used by the relief agencies to cover the immediate costs of housing, feeding and helping those in need. You could plan a fundraiser at home and send the proceeds. You could even sign up with a relief agency for future events. But for now, please donate and know that you are doing the best for those in need.

Please follow Disaster Emergency Response Team Maryland on Facebook for news, information and future calls for help.

Here are 6 ways to support the work of Episcopal Relief & Development and to support post disaster response. 
  1. Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Response Fund to support impacted dioceses as they meet the needs of their most vulnerable neighbors after this event.
  2. Please don't send food, clothing or other items! Donations such as these can actually become more of a burden on the local diocesan leaders than a benefit. The most efficient option is supporting the local economy to respond.
  3. Sign-up on the Ready to Serve page to register as a possible volunteer in the future. These are the lists Episcopal Relief & Development staff share with dioceses when they are ready to recruit external volunteers.
  4. Read Rob's Blog on best response practices.
  5. Pray! for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and get the latest program updates on Facebook and Twitter and
  6. Share the bulletin insert
We all want to DO something and the best we can do right now is donate money. You may contact me at or 410-467-1399 Ext. 6383

Blessings and thank you!
Sharon Tillman
Diocesan Disaster Relief Coordinator
Diocese of Maryland


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