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Second Sunday Social

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New Small Groups

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Practicing Love Group - New in Fall 2016
The group explores ways to put God's love into practice in our everyday lives. How do we practice love in our work in government, business, or healthcare? With our families?  
Contact: Jeff MacKnight

American University Ministry Group
This group gathers on the second Tuesday of each month to take a meal to the Episcopal student fellowship at A.U., and join them for prayer and discussion.  
Refugee Ministry Group - New in Fall 2016
This new group will develop a plan to assist refugees fleeing war and oppression in Syria and elsewhere. This could include resettling a family in our area.  
Greeters/Welcome Ministry Group
This group focuses on welcoming people at all of our worship services, especially newcomers. This work is an important part of St. Dunstan's strategy for growth, in response to Jesus' call to welcome the stranger.
Contact: Rosi Sweeney



Adult Formation 10/2/2016

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Episcopal FAQ: 9:50 a.m. in the Parish Hall
  • What if I don't really believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus? 
  • What does the Episcopal Church say about capital punishment, or abortion, or gun safety, or fish on Fridays? 
  • Is Advent supposed to be penitent, or joyful? (And is it purple, or blue?)
  • What does it mean when people cross themselves over their chests?
  • Why do we talk so much about death in our liturgies?
Our first session ranged from the role of St. Mary in Anglicanism to the meaning of the word "episcopal" (it just means "bishop"). What are you wondering about?  How we relate to people of other religions? How the church teaches about political issues (without being partisan, of course)? Doctrines like the Trinity, or the Virgin Birth, or the Resurrection? What we believe about heaven and hell?  Come and let's talk about it! 
Submit your  questions by email or you can write them on the board in Founders' Hall. Sessions will be in October 10/2, November 11/6 and December 12/4 with an added week on 11/20. No question is too silly, deep, simple or complex. 
Coming up Next Month
Sunday, October 9 - Hear Stories of Refugees
We plan to have a few guests at our Second Sunday Social. The families coming this day will have journeyed far to get to the area, as they will have traveled the road of the modern refugee. St. Dunstan's is beginning to explore the possibilities of sponsoring a refugee family. Come and eat breakfast with some new neighbors and hear their story over a meal.
Sunday, October 16 - Learn about Ministry
This day we welcome Mr. Louis A. Zagami, the Development Officer for the International Orthodox Christian Charities. IOCC is a faith-based, nonprofit organization committed to providing emergency relief and development programs to help those in need throughout the world without discrimination. Our goal is to enable people to live more hopeful and rewarding lives.
Sunday October 23 - Growing in Understanding
We welcome back Salih  Sayilgan, who is joined by his spouse,  Zeynab Sayilgan, so that we might grow more in our understanding of our Muslim neighbors. Both Salih and Zeyneb are distinguished scholars as well as faithful Muslims, who currently teach at Catholic University and Virginia Theological Seminary respectively.   



Sandwich Making

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Taize Service 9/29/2016

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Creation Season is Coming!

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As is our custom, we celebrate God as Creator of all each Fall in our liturgies through special texts, music, and sermons. We want to bring visual interest to the church with works of art related to creation, nature, and God's creatures, including human beings. Artists in the church are invited to hang your art on the church walls (beneath the windows) to enhance our worship.  Contact Jeff or Rosi Sweeney for details.  
A tableau will also be created in the rear of the church, based on themes in the liturgies. Take a look!  



Practicing Love Sermon Series: This Fall at St. Dunstan's

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Join us for the 10:45 a.m. Sunday service to hear sermons on many situations in which we need to practice love - even when it's difficult! If you can't make the service, look on our website for these sermons. 
Sept 11 - Practicing Love when we are Lost (Luke 15:1-10)
Sept 18 - Practicing Love with our Money (Luke 16:1-13)
Sept 25 - Practicing Love with our Money, redux! (Luke 16:19-31)
Oct 2 -  Practicing Love with by remaining Faithful (Luke 17:5-10)
Oct 9 -  Practicing Love with Thanksgiving (Luke 17:11-19)
Oct 16 -  Practicing Love by doing Justice (Luke 18:1-18)
Oct 23 -  Practicing Love in Humility (Luke 18:9-14)
Oct 30 -  Practicing Love through Repentance (Luke 19:1-10)
The New York Times (Nicholas Kristoff, Sunday, September 4 edition) ran an article on the kind of religion Jesus would practice.  The author Brian McLaren asked, "Could Christians migrate from defining their faith as a system of beliefs to expressing it as aloving way of life?"
St. Dunstan's is well on our way to doing just that:  Love Practiced Here.  



Musical Thursday's at St. Dunstan's

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       Thursday Night is Music Night
       Starting September 15, 2016
The beginning of the program year is just around the corner! And we've saved a seat for YOU!
Children's Choir - Thursdays at 5:45-6:30pm - Kids ages 4-4th Grade
We'll sing songs, play instruments, play games, make things, and have a great time! We'll also being work on another musical production for this Fall. 
Kid-Friendly, All-Church Supper - 6:30-7:00pm - Everyone Welcome
We'll offer a free, kid-friendly supper on Thursday nights between Children's Choir and Pajama prayers to make Thursday nights as easy as possible for parents and kids. Everyone is welcome to join us for a time of food and fellowship. 
Pajama Prayers - 7:00-7:15pm - Everyone Welcome
After dinner, we'll end our evening activities for children with a brief time of prayer and song.
Adult Choir - Thursdays at 7:30-9:00pm - Youth and Adults
The choir is open to anyone who loves to sing, reading music is not necessary, and there is no audition to join. We would love to have you join us this year - try choir out for a few weeks this Fall! 
Taizé Worship - Last Thursday of Most Months - 8:30-9:00pm - Everyone Welcome
On the last Thursday of most months (during the regular program year, except December), we'll have a compline service in the style of Taizé. Please let Michael, Jeff, or Sue if you're interested in helping to set up for this service, to play an instrument, or lead in any way. 
Dr. Michael L. Austin
Music Director



Formation 9/11/2016

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Get Involved in Forming Faith - Teachers NEEDED!
Would you like to be a part of a planning team for adult, youth or children's formation? Do you like to tell stories, or make crafts, or play games? Maybe you'd like to lead some of our children's programs. Are you someone who likes to discover or work together to find the answers to questions? Sounds like walking with our youth in their faith journey might just be the right place for your ministry. Have you have been on a study tour, or taken a class on prayer, or been involved with a great ministry program? Consider being a presenter for one of our adult forums. Email or talk with Sue!
Children's Formation Programs
This week, September 11, is Homecoming Sunday and we ask that all children bring their backpacks for a blessing on Sunday. If you have also shopped for a backpack to give away - this is the day to bring them to the church. If you still need a list for shopping just click here
We begin classroom programs for children on September 18 with a focus on what we believe, how we pray, and learning the stories of Jesus. We hope your children will join us for learning, fun, games, activities and growing in faith. Register your children here.
Youth Programs for 2016-2017
There are two new ways for youth to engage in fun and formation during this program year and we are excited about what will happen! Register youth here for this year's programs and be sure to fill out the year-long permission form.
Thursday Night Dunstan's Youth Group

Dinner at 6:30 p.m. Program from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.
1st and 3rd Thursdays - beginning on September 15
This is open to all youth in grades 5 through 12 and will be lead by both Sue and Jeff. It will include games, community building, and being formed in faith. Some of the formation program will be specifically directed toward preparing youth for Confirmation. The sacrament of Confirmation would be an option in the spring for those who have completed 8th grade or above. 
Collaboration Youth Events
Join with youth from St. David's, St. Patrick's, Church of the Redeemer, and St. Dunstan's for fun, service and learning. 
Our first event will take place on Sunday, September 18 at the GW Summit Outdoor Challenge Course at GWU's Foxhall Rd. Campus from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The cost for this event is $15 per person. Participants will be required to sign a waiver form. Sign-up in Founders' Hall or here, no later than Monday, September 12. Waiver forms and year-long permission forms have been sent to all parents, are available on the youth page of the web site, and are available in Founder's Hall. 
Please put the following dates on your calendar for these joint youth events:
September 18 - October 16 - November 20 - December 18 - January 18
L. Sue von Rautenkranz
Christian Formation Coordinator



Musical Thursdays! Adult Choir Kicks Off Tonight.

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Adult Choir kicks off tonight with rehearsals starting at 7:30 p.m.

The beginning of the program year is here, and we are starting up Musical Thursdays! All ages are welcome! Any skill level, no auditions. We have a choir for you.

Thursday Schedule

  • 5:45 p.m. Children’s and Bell Choir
  • 6:30 p.m. Dinner
  • 7:00 a.m. DYG ( alternating weeks)
  • 7:30 p.m. Adult Choir
  • Taize (Last Thursday of the Month)

We would love to have you join us this season!



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