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Economic Justice Update

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"Many of us are concerned about the direction of public policy regarding immigration and refugees and wonder if there is anything we can do.   A first step is to seek guidance from our Episcopal leaders. On January 25 our Presiding Bishop issued a  statement  saying "We ask that refugees from all countries receive consideration to come to the U.S. and not to ban those who come from countries most in need of our assistance."  On January 31, Bishop Budde's said "Scripture could not be clearer: we are called to welcome the stranger." statement.   

We can do more than agree with these sentiments. We can take action ourselves by coordinating with the Episcopal Public Policy Network, which organizes the Episcopal Church's national advocacy efforts. You can sign up to receive their alerts here:

The group has an established and active refugee advocacy program. For several years, the network has encouraged members to speak out on refugee issues and has provided them with webinars, scripts for calling members of Congress and sample letters and an automatic way to have those letters submitted.  One current relevant advocacy item is a script for calling your 2 senators and 1 representative.  The key message in this script is:  I am strongly opposed to President Trump's announcements to stop the resettlement of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen; pause the refugee resettlement program entirely; and reduce the number of refugees we welcome.  Here's the link:

Another refugee initiative is a sample letter urging members of Congress to speak out "in support of our nation's admirable tradition of welcome."  Here's the link:

I urge all of you to take advantage of these advocacy opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the many immigrants and refugees who experiencing hardship in a difficult time.
Please join us for the next meeting of St. Dunstan's economic justice group, informally known as the Justice League of St. Dunstan's.  We'll be meeting for about an hour at the church starting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday March 13.
Mark MacCarthy



The University of Jamestown Concert Choir

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The University of Jamestown Concert Choir is coming to St. Dunstan's!
Enjoy a night of sacred choral music sung by a group of talented young students!


Friday, March 10, 2017
7:30 PM
St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
5450 Massachusetts Ave 
Bethesda, MD 



Observing Lent

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If you are not sure how to observe Lent this year, try doing one thing
: Commit to attend worship every Sunday in Lent.  (Even if you are traveling, it's almost always possible to find a church service to attend on Sunday or Saturday evening.) Note how you feel after several weeks of regular worship...more grounded in what's truly important?  More calm?  More connected to your faith community? 
Lenten Resources:
Two different daily meditation booklets are available at church (both free).  Pick one up and see what it does for you.  We also have "Lent in a Box" kits, with daily and weekly observances for individuals and families. 
Lent in a Box
If you have not picked up your Lent in a Box, be sure to do so this coming Sunday. This new resource is available for families (and individuals) and offers different ways for all to engage the season of Lent. Prayer, fasting and alms-giving cards will offer suggests for all to do one simple daily task. Other once-weekly activities assist everyone in engaging scripture and a faith conversation together. 
If you pick up your box before Sunday, March 5, please be sure to take a bulb from the basket in Founders' Hall - a delayed shipment.
One box per household until the supplies are gone - there should be plenty for all! 



Refugee Update- This Sunday at 9:50 a.m.

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Refugee Program Meeting Between Services:
 Help St Dunstan's Help Refugees.

We will meet in the parish hall to discuss our options for further support of refugees here and abroad.  Ideas to be discussed include:

1)  Continue to collect Welcome Kits as a way of providing practical support to refugee families through Lutheran Social Services.

2) Work with the International Rescue Committee;  this is an old and respected organization that has long served refugee families.  

3)  Explore ways to assist refugees who are "stuck" in camps in the Middle East and elsewhere.  As our speaker from the International Orthodox Christian Charities described, the needs are great.  Doctors without Borders also serves this population. 

4)  Look for ways to interact with refugees at a personal level, as in help with English, assistance in obtaining medical care and placing children in schools, and similar needs.

5)  Offer support to St Columba's parish and other congregations when they are assigned a refugee family.

6)  Undertake advocacy work at the local and state government level to "smoothe the way" for good policies affecting refugees.  
7) As part of Advocacy, develop stronger relationships with churches, synagogues and community groups who are working to address refugee needs.

Please come, add your thoughts to the discussion and help St Dunstan's help Refugees.
Ray Donnelly



Annual Meeting - This Sunday!

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March 1st is Ash Wednesday

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Baptismal Candidates Wanted

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Wanted: Baptismal Candidates for the Easter Vigil!
Saturday evening before Easter was the time for Baptisms in ancient Christianity.  Our unique and beautiful Easter Vigil service (4/15, 7:30 p.m.) is enhanced when we include this sacrament.  Perhaps you or a family member have been considering baptism.  Please let Jeff know.  



This Sunday: Sandwiches for Martha's Table

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Annual Meeting- Next Sunday

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Help Us Help Refugees

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In the last several days, there has been an outpouring of criticism of the Administration's new executive order on immigration from religious leaders around the country. Yesterday, Bishop Mariann Budde released a Statement on Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Restrictions in which she says: "I stand proudly with other Christians and interfaith leaders to protest this order, express solidarity with one another, and together call our nation to the highest of our common spiritual and civic values.  Scripture could not be clearer: we are called to welcome the stranger."
St. Dunstan's welcomes this strong restatement of our Christian values. 
Bishop Mariann also has advice for those of you wondering what you can do to make a difference:
"I commend to you a new advocacy initiative from the Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN), which is part of our church's Office of Government Relations. If you join me in the 2x4 Fight for Refugees Campaign, you will commit to calling your national, state, and local elected officials four times during the next two months on behalf of refugees. You can learn more about the campaign and find a helpful script online. And, if you are of a mind, you can join the network to receive updates and alerts."
You can also join the St. Dunstan's Economic and Environmental Justice Working Group, informally known as the Justice League of St. Dunstan's.  We are meeting this Monday, February 6 at 7:00 p.m. at the church.  We'll talk about this and other initiatives including how to continue our work on helping to resettle refugees in light of the new immigration and refugee policies.
Mark McCarthy


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