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Immigration Forum

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Book of the Month- November 2017

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Hurricane Harvey Relief... from our neighbors in the Diocese of Maryland

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Hurricane Harvey Relief
What Can I Do?

At this time all agencies are asking people not to head to Texas or Louisiana if you are not already part of a group such as the Red Cross or other relief agencies on the ground. Right now in Maryland the BEST thing we can do is donate money to the relief agency of your choice. Episcopal Relief & Development, Red Cross, Salvation Army, whoever you are comfortable with. The recovery from Harvey will take years to complete and there will be many opportunities for people from our area to go and help -- well after the cameras, feeding trucks and others have gone home. The only request we are making at this time is to donate money. That is distributed locally to those who are in the impacted areas and is used by the relief agencies to cover the immediate costs of housing, feeding and helping those in need. You could plan a fundraiser at home and send the proceeds. You could even sign up with a relief agency for future events. But for now, please donate and know that you are doing the best for those in need.

Please follow Disaster Emergency Response Team Maryland on Facebook for news, information and future calls for help.

Here are 6 ways to support the work of Episcopal Relief & Development and to support post disaster response. 
  1. Donate to the Hurricane Harvey Response Fund to support impacted dioceses as they meet the needs of their most vulnerable neighbors after this event.
  2. Please don't send food, clothing or other items! Donations such as these can actually become more of a burden on the local diocesan leaders than a benefit. The most efficient option is supporting the local economy to respond.
  3. Sign-up on the Ready to Serve page to register as a possible volunteer in the future. These are the lists Episcopal Relief & Development staff share with dioceses when they are ready to recruit external volunteers.
  4. Read Rob's Blog on best response practices.
  5. Pray! for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and get the latest program updates on Facebook and Twitter and episcopalrelief.org
  6. Share the bulletin insert
We all want to DO something and the best we can do right now is donate money. You may contact me at stillman@claggettcenter.org or 410-467-1399 Ext. 6383

Blessings and thank you!
Sharon Tillman
Diocesan Disaster Relief Coordinator
Diocese of Maryland



Should we have a $15 minimum wage?

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Join the discussion Monday, Sept. 11, 7:00 p.m. 
That's the question to be debated at St. Dunstan's community forum Monday, September 11, 7 p.m.  This issue has come again before our Montgomery County Council.  Our parish's Justice League studied the issue of increasing income a be a living wage - a full time worker should be able to support him/her self.  In a high cost area such as ours, $15/hour is an appropriate rate of pay. 
In my opinion, lessening income inequality is a moral imperative, because Jesus taught us that poverty is a stain on human society.  (He also said that wealth is fraught with dangers.)  Income inequality lessened in the U.S. from WWII until 1970.  From the 70's until now it has increased dramatically.  We have seen median income fall in the U.S. since the peak in 1999.  U.S. tax policy is advantageous to the wealthy.  The middle and working classes are at increased risk and fear of economic collapse. 
A $15 minimum wage means that a full time worker earns $31,200 per year.  Most of us would not consider working full time for that, and would find it extremely difficult to get by on that income.  Loving our neighbors means striving for a just distribution of the world's wealth.  That's what I think. 
What do you think? Come, and bring interested friends and neighbors to our forum on the $15 minimum wage for Montgomery County.  JBM 



Bible Basics with Jeff starts with Sunday

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Jesus Changes Everything - Sunday, June 18, 9:50 a.m. 

This Sunday between services we are finally returning to our series, "The Bible in Five Acts."  Join us as we get to Jesus and his impact on Judaism and the Greco-Roman world.  Jeff leads this Bible discussion - feel free to drop in - in the parish hall.  Additional "Bible Basics" sessions will be held throughout the summer on July 16th and 23rd, and August 6th and 20th. Save the dates!



Book/ Movie Group: A Handmaiden's Tale

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This popular account of a dystopian future society set in New England has got people's attention.  If you are interested in a group to discuss the book/Hulu series, please let Jeff know or sign the sheet on the Welcome Table in Founders' Hall.  If we have enough interest, we'll find a time to meet this summer.  There are many issues touching on theology and ethics, along with biblical references to explore.  



Sandwich Making 3/26/17

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Observing Lent

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If you are not sure how to observe Lent this year, try doing one thing
: Commit to attend worship every Sunday in Lent.  (Even if you are traveling, it's almost always possible to find a church service to attend on Sunday or Saturday evening.) Note how you feel after several weeks of regular worship...more grounded in what's truly important?  More calm?  More connected to your faith community? 
Lenten Resources:
Two different daily meditation booklets are available at church (both free).  Pick one up and see what it does for you.  We also have "Lent in a Box" kits, with daily and weekly observances for individuals and families. 
Lent in a Box
If you have not picked up your Lent in a Box, be sure to do so this coming Sunday. This new resource is available for families (and individuals) and offers different ways for all to engage the season of Lent. Prayer, fasting and alms-giving cards will offer suggests for all to do one simple daily task. Other once-weekly activities assist everyone in engaging scripture and a faith conversation together. 
If you pick up your box before Sunday, March 5, please be sure to take a bulb from the basket in Founders' Hall - a delayed shipment.
One box per household until the supplies are gone - there should be plenty for all! 



Baptismal Candidates Wanted

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Wanted: Baptismal Candidates for the Easter Vigil!
Saturday evening before Easter was the time for Baptisms in ancient Christianity.  Our unique and beautiful Easter Vigil service (4/15, 7:30 p.m.) is enhanced when we include this sacrament.  Perhaps you or a family member have been considering baptism.  Please let Jeff know.  



Adult Formation

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Did you ever wish you had a better grasp on the Bible - the big picture - main events in the story of God's people through the ages? 
 Starting January 15, we'll explore the "big" Bible narrative through five major acts or moves that define our faith:
  1. Creation
  2. Slavery/Liberation (The Exodus),
  3. Learning How to Live (the prophets)
  4. Jesus Changes Everything
  5. New Creation in Christ
On January 15, we'll see how Martin Luther King's teaching fits into this grand biblical narrative.  (Sundays, 9:50 - 10:35 a.m. in the Parish Hall).  


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