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Book/ Movie Group: A Handmaiden's Tale

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This popular account of a dystopian future society set in New England has got people's attention.  If you are interested in a group to discuss the book/Hulu series, please let Jeff know or sign the sheet on the Welcome Table in Founders' Hall.  If we have enough interest, we'll find a time to meet this summer.  There are many issues touching on theology and ethics, along with biblical references to explore.  



Sandwich Making 3/26/17

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Observing Lent

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If you are not sure how to observe Lent this year, try doing one thing
: Commit to attend worship every Sunday in Lent.  (Even if you are traveling, it's almost always possible to find a church service to attend on Sunday or Saturday evening.) Note how you feel after several weeks of regular worship...more grounded in what's truly important?  More calm?  More connected to your faith community? 
Lenten Resources:
Two different daily meditation booklets are available at church (both free).  Pick one up and see what it does for you.  We also have "Lent in a Box" kits, with daily and weekly observances for individuals and families. 
Lent in a Box
If you have not picked up your Lent in a Box, be sure to do so this coming Sunday. This new resource is available for families (and individuals) and offers different ways for all to engage the season of Lent. Prayer, fasting and alms-giving cards will offer suggests for all to do one simple daily task. Other once-weekly activities assist everyone in engaging scripture and a faith conversation together. 
If you pick up your box before Sunday, March 5, please be sure to take a bulb from the basket in Founders' Hall - a delayed shipment.
One box per household until the supplies are gone - there should be plenty for all! 



Baptismal Candidates Wanted

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Wanted: Baptismal Candidates for the Easter Vigil!
Saturday evening before Easter was the time for Baptisms in ancient Christianity.  Our unique and beautiful Easter Vigil service (4/15, 7:30 p.m.) is enhanced when we include this sacrament.  Perhaps you or a family member have been considering baptism.  Please let Jeff know.  



Adult Formation

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Did you ever wish you had a better grasp on the Bible - the big picture - main events in the story of God's people through the ages? 
 Starting January 15, we'll explore the "big" Bible narrative through five major acts or moves that define our faith:
  1. Creation
  2. Slavery/Liberation (The Exodus),
  3. Learning How to Live (the prophets)
  4. Jesus Changes Everything
  5. New Creation in Christ
On January 15, we'll see how Martin Luther King's teaching fits into this grand biblical narrative.  (Sundays, 9:50 - 10:35 a.m. in the Parish Hall).  



Welcome Julie Petersmeyer

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We are pleased to welcome Julie Petersmeyer to St. Dunstan's on January 15, for a 6 month ministry placement. Julie is part of the deacons' training program in our diocese. She will spend around 10 hours per week with us, sharing some of her outreach experience with prisoners, serving in liturgies, and leading formational activities. Julie is a long-time member of St. Columba's and lives in our neighborhood. Please welcome her warmly!
Movie Screening
Julie works with an organization called Reunion which works to dismantle mass incarceration thru relationships and commitment. Reunion and Church of Christ, Right Now invites the public to a free screening of "13th," an in-depth look at the prison system in the United States and how it reveals the nation's history of racial inequality.
Wednesday, January 11, 5:30 p.m.
The Festival Center
1640 Columbia Road NW



Sermon Series Starting in January

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New Sermon Series - January/February 2017
Hard Knocks: Weathering the losses, troubles, and conflicts life brings, without losing our humor, compassion, and inner peace. 
We all face tough times in life: illness, relationship troubles, aging, rejection, and failure. How can God help us through these inevitable parts of life? What does Scripture tell us? Come hear Jeff's new sermon series on "Hard Knocks" at the 10:45 a.m. service, starting January 8, 2017



Open House at the MacKnight's

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All members of the St. Dunstan's family are invited to stop in for conversation and refreshments at the MacKnights' house, Friday, December 30, 2-5 p.m.  Our address is 14 Meadowcroft Court, Montgomery Village, MD 20886 - we're up I-270, about 30 minutes from St. Dunstan's.
 - Jeff and Leslie



Annual Giving 2016

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9:50 a.m. – 10:35. a.m.

St. Dunstan’s 2017 Annual Giving Campaign begins on October 9 and continues to Consecration Sunday on November 13.  Our theme is Simple Gifts…For the Church & For the World and this is a time to cherish the gifts we have been given and to share our abundance. 

You see the Simple Gifts banner on Massachusetts Avenue, lots of materials about our church, and we’ll have conversations about ways to pledge and to give.  You’ll find pledge cards throughout the church, and a link HERE to submit your pledge form online.

Our goal is for all in the congregation to pledge -- 100 percent of the vestry and annual giving campaign leaders have already pledged, so we are on our way!



Creation Season is Coming!

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As is our custom, we celebrate God as Creator of all each Fall in our liturgies through special texts, music, and sermons. We want to bring visual interest to the church with works of art related to creation, nature, and God's creatures, including human beings. Artists in the church are invited to hang your art on the church walls (beneath the windows) to enhance our worship.  Contact Jeff or Rosi Sweeney for details.  
A tableau will also be created in the rear of the church, based on themes in the liturgies. Take a look!  


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