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Adult Formation 10/2/2016

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Episcopal FAQ: 9:50 a.m. in the Parish Hall
  • What if I don't really believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus? 
  • What does the Episcopal Church say about capital punishment, or abortion, or gun safety, or fish on Fridays? 
  • Is Advent supposed to be penitent, or joyful? (And is it purple, or blue?)
  • What does it mean when people cross themselves over their chests?
  • Why do we talk so much about death in our liturgies?
Our first session ranged from the role of St. Mary in Anglicanism to the meaning of the word "episcopal" (it just means "bishop"). What are you wondering about?  How we relate to people of other religions? How the church teaches about political issues (without being partisan, of course)? Doctrines like the Trinity, or the Virgin Birth, or the Resurrection? What we believe about heaven and hell?  Come and let's talk about it! 
Submit your  questions by email or you can write them on the board in Founders' Hall. Sessions will be in October 10/2, November 11/6 and December 12/4 with an added week on 11/20. No question is too silly, deep, simple or complex. 
Coming up Next Month
Sunday, October 9 - Hear Stories of Refugees
We plan to have a few guests at our Second Sunday Social. The families coming this day will have journeyed far to get to the area, as they will have traveled the road of the modern refugee. St. Dunstan's is beginning to explore the possibilities of sponsoring a refugee family. Come and eat breakfast with some new neighbors and hear their story over a meal.
Sunday, October 16 - Learn about Ministry
This day we welcome Mr. Louis A. Zagami, the Development Officer for the International Orthodox Christian Charities. IOCC is a faith-based, nonprofit organization committed to providing emergency relief and development programs to help those in need throughout the world without discrimination. Our goal is to enable people to live more hopeful and rewarding lives.
Sunday October 23 - Growing in Understanding
We welcome back Salih  Sayilgan, who is joined by his spouse,  Zeynab Sayilgan, so that we might grow more in our understanding of our Muslim neighbors. Both Salih and Zeyneb are distinguished scholars as well as faithful Muslims, who currently teach at Catholic University and Virginia Theological Seminary respectively.   


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