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Christian Formation: Fall 2018

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EMBODIED TRUTH: The Moral Teaching of Jesus

This is the theme for our Fall adult formation offerings – on Sunday mornings and perhaps other times.  Nothing could be more relevant to our lives today than this. 

While lies and selfishness are problems in every era, we face particular assaults on moral values today.  Jesus not only speaks truth, he embodies truth in his words, his actions, and his willingness to give himself up even to death.  We’ll explore together what Jesus’ teaching and his behavior tell us about:

  • Truth and lies
  • Wealth and materialism
  • Racial bigotry
  • Respect for human life (including abortion, capital punishment, and death with dignity)
  • Oppression of human beings (women, gays, poor people, others)
  • Poverty
  • Sexual ethics
  • Nationalism and immigration
  • Democracy and authoritarianism

I will present a view of Jesus based in scripture, with ample time for discussion and debate.  Jesus addresses some issues more clearly than others, and we’ll be honest about that. I hope this will be a fulsome, all-parish discussion of these pressing issues. 


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