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Formation 1/22/2017

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Children's Formation ...
Follow Me: would we stop what we are doing and follow?
This Sunday, January 22 we hear one of the stories of Jesus calling his disciples who were fisherman. In this version he calls two sets of brothers, Andrew and Simon (Peter) and James and John. They are doing their daily work, probably sorting and fixing their nets after an early morning out in their boats. All Jesus says is follow me, and off they go leaving their nets, boats and even their father. 
This week our children will learn about not only how Jesus called the fishermen, but others to follow him and how he asked them to fish for people. Please ask your children what they learned in their class today. 

Youth Formation ...

Dunstan's Youth Group - Thursday, January 19
All 5th through 12th graders!
Dinner 6:30 p.m.
Program 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

What do we believe?

Over the next couple of Thursday evenings we will begin to look at the Creeds, what the Episcopal Church believes and how we as individuals make choices about what we believe. Then we will look at how our beliefs help us to make day to day decisions. Decisions like - How do we treat others? Will we cheat or lie or steal? Who are we called to love? All of these decisions and choices are formed by our faith.
P.R.A.Y. (Potomac River Anglican  [Area-Amazing-Awesome] Youth)
Our next P.R.A.Y. event will be held on Sunday, February 12 in the afternoon. Please stay tuned for more information. Details will be in next week's newsletter and emailed to parents. IT WILL BE FUN - so mark your calendar NOW!
Please put the following dates on your calendar for these joint youth events:
March 19  +  April 9  +  May 21
Friends are always welcome at any youth program!
Adult Formation ...
Did you ever wish you had a better grasp on the Bible - the big picture - main events in the story of God's people through the ages? 
This Sunday, January 22, we'll continue to explore the "big" Bible narrative through five major acts or moves that define our faith: Creation, Slavery/Liberation (The Exodus), Learning How to Live (the prophets), Jesus Changes Everything, New Creation in Christ. Please join us in the Parish Hall


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