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Formation 3/13/16

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Praying for Others: Intercessory Prayer
Sunday, March 13
Adult Formation Offering at 9:50 a.m.
Have you every wondered what to pray about or how to even begin a prayer? Maybe someone has asked you to pray for them because of an illness or family situation and you thought - "Will it make a difference?" And what about God hearing our prayers? If you have ever thought about any of these questions then this week's formation offering is for you. 
Sister Barbara Jean will return to St. Dunstan's to share her thoughts, wisdom and experience of praying for others. For over forty years she has lived in community and actively engaged in daily prayer practices.  She will also preach at the 10:45 liturgy. 

Adult Commitments of Faith
Is your faith in God developing?  Would you like to make a firm commitment to Christianity and our Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement?  
Please speak to Jeff or Sue soon.  We have a few adults who want to prepare for Confirmation by the Bishop on May 14 at the Cathedral.  We welcome more.  You may also reaffirm your faith if you've already been confirmed.  We'll meet several times to deepen our faith and understanding together. 
Children's Formation
Children will gather this Sunday, March 13 in the choir room for Music with Michael and others. This is a great time of singing, coloring, playing instruments and learning about the faith. Come and join in!
Youth Formation ... 4th - 12th grades
This Sunday, March 13 the youth will gather in the youth room to begin preparing for the Easter Day Egg Hunt. This year we are planning to open the hunt to the neighborhood, so we need to be ready with a much larger supply of eggs. Come and fill eggs for the church of St. Dunstan's and the larger community. 
Future Planning of Youth Programs at St. Dunstan's
Jeff and Sue will gather with parents of youth on Monday, March 14 to discuss and shape the plans for the youth program at St. Dunstan's. We will begin with a simple supper at 7:00 p.m. and conclude by 8:30 p.m. All parents of this year's 4th-12th graders are encouraged to attend. Youth group, events, confirmation, Sunday ministries and mission and outreach will be included in the conversation. Please speak with Jeff or Sue if you have questions.
Formation through Service
Next Sunday, March 20 we will be making sandwiches for Martha's Table. This is a week earlier than usual because Easter Day is the last Sunday of the month. Please join us for a few minutes or the whole time. We need as many hands as possible to complete our 300+ sandwiches. Help us feed the hungry in DC!
L. Sue von Rautenkranz
Christian Formation Coordinator


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