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Formation 4.26

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Resurrection Stories
This Eastertide the focus of our sermons and all Sunday formation offerings will be on hearing the Gospel stories of Jesus' resurrection and hearing and sharing our own stories of resurrection.  After all, it is through these stories that our life in Christ as Christian people is centered and finds meaning. For while we are told that the disciples and the women who were the first witnesses of the resurrection were fearful; and we are even told that they "didn't tell anyone" - clearly they did! After all we are present, so someone must have shared their faith of the resurrection with us.  Our task is to learn our own stories of resurrection and to learn how to share them with others. For if we do not - if we are fearful and do not tell - how will others come to believe?  


Children's Formation ... Sharing our Faith
The children will be in their classrooms again this Sunday, April 26 and continue hearing the stories of Jesus appearing to the disciples after his resurrection.  The story this week will be the Road to Emmaus which is told in the Gospel of Luke.  Parents please take your children down to the classrooms before you head to adult formation. Please keep our Children's Choir in your plans for next fall! Beginning in September our Children's Choir will begin meeting on Thursday evenings (probably between 5:30-6:30 p.m.). We hope that you will make a commitment to this program as it will help to form the faith of your children and be great fun! There is no better way to learn and integrate the stories of faith then through the music we sing as children. 


Youth Formation ... Growing our Faith
Youth will join the adults for formation again this Sunday, April 26 as we continue to explore resurrection stories. This week will hear and discover stories within ourselves. 
Next youth event is scheduled for Saturday, June 6 at Guppy Gulch in Delta, PA. So save the date and watch for more details.


The best way to help your young person grow in faith is through a camp community. Please talk with Sue if you have any questions, but set aside the week now.  The Diocese has put together a great program with wonderful leaders in a superb facility. The cost for the week is $575 per camper.  You can register online here.  


Junior Camp (Rising 4th -6th graders) - July 26-31, 2015.  
Middler Camp (Rising 7th- 9th graders) - August 2-7, 2015


Adult Formation ... Living our Faith
We continue our focus on Stories of Resurrection on Sunday, April 26. Our session this week will be led by Jeff and Sue which will open with questions and responses to our time last week with Trisha Lyons. Various members of the community will share stories that express resurrection from their own lives. Each of us will also have the opportunity to explore our own stories of resurrection through our responses to art and pictures. Those who feel called to do so will have a opportunity to share their story.
On Sunday, May 3 Trisha will join us again for our formation time to share more Stories of Resurrection through the lens of Harry Potter. You really do not want to miss these sessions!  
Sue von Rautenkranz
      Christian Formation Director


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