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Formation 5.17

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Children's Formation ... Sharing our Faith
It's time to CELEBRATE! This week, Sunday, May 17, the children will gather at the play ground for games and treats to celebrate the end of this year's formation programs. Parents are invited to join in or take advantage of the adult formation offering on Economic Injustice. We ask that children wear clothes for being outside and being active. 
Youth Formation ... Growing our Faith
Youth will be in helping with the fun activities at the playground on Sunday, May 17. Come and have a great time outside with the children of St. Dunstan's!
The best way to help your young person grow in faith is through a camp community. Please talk with Sue if you have any questions, but set aside the week now.  The Diocese has put together a great program with wonderful leaders in a superb facility. The cost for the week is $575 per camper.  You can register online here.   

Junior Camp (Rising 4th -6th graders) - July 26-31, 2015.  
Middler Camp (Rising 7th- 9th graders) - August 2-7, 2015


Adult Formation ... Living our Faith
 What would Jesus do about economic inequality? Explore the economics of the Gospel with us.  The issue is much in the news - more and more people are too poor to live, even working full time. On Sunday May 17, we begin a discussion on issues of economic justice. Our session will be facilitated by members of the St. Dunstan's small group on economic justice. We'll have a short presentation of some of the work the group has been doing and each of us will also have an opportunity to discuss what economic justice means in our own lives.  We'll also begin a conversation about what the parish and the diocese might be able to do to help mitigate some of the worst effects of economic injustice. You don't want to miss this session!


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