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Glimpses of Holy Week

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7:30 p.m. Good Friday, March 25
Cross + Candles + Prayer + Song
The quiet night in the garden is interrupted by soldiers and the authorities, who take Jesus away. Before daybreak he has stood trial, been whipped and mocked by the soldiers, and is condemned. Like a common criminal Jesus is hung on a cross and dies an agonizing death. He is taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb and sealed with a stone.
What now? The expectations of those who have believed that he was the one have been crushed. Jesus' companions, who scattered following his crucifixion, have gathered in the upper room again. They quietly sing songs of lament and offer prayer to God and light a
candle - seeking the way forward and waiting ...
7:30 p.m. The Great Vigil of Easter
Fire+Water+Story+Bread & Wine
We arrive at church in the twilight Saturday night, in a mood of expectation.  The new fire of Easter is kindled and shared - each of us carrying that New Light of Christ with us.  We hear the
stories of God's great saving acts in history as we sit around the fire outside.

With ancient chant, we move into the parish hall where water is our theme - life-giving, cleansing, refreshing water.  

Finally, we approach the church and knock on the doors to be admitted into Resurrection.  The lights blaze, the flowers abound, and Easter comes once more - in our Baptismal vows and in the bread and wine of Communion.  We go on our way rejoicing, singing Alleluia!
Easter Vigil Reflection
Easter Vigil is my preferred Easter celebration. I like it because I see the time between Maundy Thursday and Easter as a time to reflect on what it would be like without the church, without Christ, without God in my life; as well as without the life of the Christian community. Easter Vigil celebrates the end of our wandering in the spiritual wilderness. After having Christ taken from us, the Easter Vigil service brings the light back to the community, a reminder of caring nature of God, and the resilience of Christ. St. Dunstan's ceremony, starting in the memorial garden around a fire and bringing the light into the church, is a great way to reflect, a time to celebrate the life of Christ and our life in communion with Christ.

Thomas Vander Wal


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