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Ground and Beautification Part 2

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You may have noticed that grounds committee has started planting our new garden. I want to thank Janet and David Repka, for digging holes for the bushes. The rains stormed in, and the Repkas kept on digging! Thanks also to Elin Botha for her careful work with the liriope, and to Cathie Morton for working all around, wherever there was a need. Thanks especially to my partner in this entire endeavor, Rosemarie Barrett, who has worked tirelessly in the planning the garden with our designer, Suzanna Membrino, and in shopping all around for the best plants and the best deals.
With a parish party scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd, Grounds Committee is going to reconvene on Saturday morning, May 21, at 9-9:30 a.m. We would absolutely love to have the garden in ready in time for Sunday's party. To accomplish this, we need extra hands, for shoveling, planting, and watering. Please consider giving an hour, or more, this coming Saturday morning. Come early, come later, whatever works. The rewards will be seeing the garden come together on Saturday morning, and knowing that you have been part of bringing beauty to our church grounds.
Sue Newman


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