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Ministry with Children

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It's a beautiful thing to see our children - even very young ones - bring the bread and wine to the altar and set the table for Holy Eucharist. We have enjoyed this tradition at the early service, where we use a simple table for an altar.

This fall, the 9 a.m. service will be moving into the church, so that that congregation can enjoy the beauty of the space, the excellent acoustics, and learn patterns of reverence for God's house. For this purpose, we have commissioned a fine woodworker to build a new altar to be used on the nave floor level. This beautiful table, in maple and tiger maple woods, will be at a height accessible to our children. The altar will be movable, so it can be used in several places in our building.

Some generous gifts have already been received to underwrite the cost of $3,700. Parishioners are invited to make donations of $100 or more in memory or in honor of loved ones. These will be recorded on a permanent plaque on the new altar.

We are excited to bring our early worship service into the church this fall! As announced earlier, new video screens will be mounted in the church soon to facilitate this service and other communication strategies. They will change the appearance of the church somewhat, but will not be obtrusive once we are used to them. Thank you all for your support!   JBM

 Children's Choir
Beginning on September 17, 2015 our Children's Choir will begin weekly rehearsals at 5:45pm. We'll play games, play instruments, sing, and most importantly - have a great time learning about worshiping God through music. Children's Choir is open to kids PK-5th grade.
To make it even easier for you to join us, we will have a simple dinner available between choir rehearsals on 
Thursdays at 6:30p.m.
Michael Austin

Growing the Faith of our Children 
Children learn faith in so many ways. In their early years it is through watching and copying the practices of adults around them. As they grow it is vitally important for them to be active participants in those liturgies. This can take place in many ways - being an usher or greeter, serving as an acolyte, bringing gifts forward, or singing in a choir. Our 9:00 liturgy is a great way for children to engage actively in the service and learn the patterns of worship.
Another aspect of learning about the faith is through traditional formation programs such as Sunday School. While participation in these programs is not on the increase, learning stories of our faith from other adults and with peers is another aspect of growing faith. Hopefully, these times of learning about our ancestors in the faith will help children as they begin to formulate their own faith story. Adults who give their time to the children and youth of our parish really help to create a foundation for faith formation. If you might be interested in being a part of the team for the coming program year, just let me know. If you have never considered serving in this way - please do - and be prepared for my call in the next couple of weeks,
Sue von


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