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Music Opportunities 3/8

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Good Friday Taizé Choir 

If anyone is interested in singing as part of the Taizé choir   on Good Friday, please talk to Michael or send him an e-mail at music@stdunstansbethesda.org; we will schedule a short rehearsal closer to the date. The austere simplicity and beauty of this music helps to make our Good Friday service profound and worshipful, and we would love to add your voice to the choir for this special service. 


Easter Choir 

If you're interested in singing with the choir for Easter Sunday, we invite you to join us on Thursday nights at 7:30pm. We will rehearse Easter music for the first 30 minutes of each rehearsal. On every other Thursday (March 5 and 19), adult choir rehearsal will be proceeded by dinner provided by the church (please call the church office or e-mail Michael to let us know if you're coming for dinner). The choir is open to anyone of High School age or older that is willing to sing (or willing to learn) - no music reading ability is required, and rehearsal recordings will be provided.

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