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Open Mic Night at St. Dunstan's

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Open Mic Night at St. Dunstan's "Café"
 Saturday, May 13, 2017, 6:30 - 8:30 PM.
St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church,
5450 Massachusetts Avenue, 
Bethesda MD 20816
Music: Acoustic/electric open "mic." All ages, styles and abilities. Open to the general public. Sign up sheet at the door, first come first to play 1-3 songs or 10 minutes per performer/group. A piano and drum kit will be available.

Suggested donations at the door for Samaritan Ministry's Empower the Homeless Campaign:
  • Gift cards
    • $25 gift cards to grocery stores like Giant and Safeway
    • $25 - $50 gift cards to Payless Shoe Store
    • $25 gift cards to Target
  • Metro SmarTrip cards for participants to get to job interviews or work for the first two weeks until they receive a paycheck
  • Granola bars, salmon or tuna packages, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, chili, beef stew, soups, canned fruits, pasta sauces, small bottles of watter
  • Reading glasses - all powers from +1 to +4, with case 
  • Small folding umbrellas 
  • Briefcases or portfolios for carrying papers 
  • White or blue men's and women's dress shirts in sizes L, XL, 1XL, or 2XL
  • New khaki pants and long sleeve dress shirts for interview wear
  • Black slacks for men and women - all sizes
  • Male and Female Toiletries: sanitary napkins, deodorant, hair conditioner, shaving cream, disposable razors, soap, body wash
Food/snacks and beverages will also be for sale. Proceeds to support Samaritan Minstry. Website:  https://www.samaritanministry.org/
Questions:  Feel free to contact Clint Chamberlin at clint_22202@yahoo.com.

Clint Chamberlin


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