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Education = Hope
St. Dunstan's is now sponsoring 4 children through this wonderful program! This is great news and even better news for the children that will be able to attend school this year because of the generosity of the people of this congregation. One of these scholarships is made possible through our Outreach budget and three through individuals giving through St. Dunstan's, either for an entire year or grouped together to support one child. Another parishioner is sponsoring a child directly through this organization. All moneys donated through St. Dunstan's or directly to E=H are given to the ministry sites and used exclusively for the children. The sponsorship of one child creates changes for the entire family.
Sandwich Making for Martha's Table
A new ministry endeavor is about to begin at St. Dunstan's! Once each month during our formation time all members of the congregation will be able to come together to learn about needs within our local community and make sandwiches to feed the hungry in DC. 
The Outreach Committee has authorized the money to begin this project and we will be making 200 sandwiches for the next four months. We hope to have so many hands that we can increase that number in the next calendar year. 
So mark your calendar now for the last Sunday of each month! Our first day is September 27 beginning at 9:50 a.m. We will also get to learn from Ryan Palmer, Director of Community Outreach at Martha's Table. 
To learn more about this outreach ministry to the DC area click here


Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington
In preparation of expanding the program hours in the near future, Samaritan ministry is anticipating some changes to their volunteer needs. Extended hours will require additional Volunteer Caseworkers, Front Office Coordinator (FOC), Computer Mentor, and Resume Writers. All of these positions can be performed at a minimum of one day a week, between the hours of 9 a.m.-1 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering with Samaritan Ministry, please contact Quinn Miller at 202.722.2280 x 307 or at volunteers@samaritanministry.org.
We are also looking to recruit a parish representative to Samaritan Ministry. If you are interested in representing St. Dunstan's with this wonderful organization, please contact Jeff.


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