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Refugee Update- This Sunday at 9:50 a.m.

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Refugee Program Meeting Between Services:
 Help St Dunstan's Help Refugees.

We will meet in the parish hall to discuss our options for further support of refugees here and abroad.  Ideas to be discussed include:

1)  Continue to collect Welcome Kits as a way of providing practical support to refugee families through Lutheran Social Services.

2) Work with the International Rescue Committee;  this is an old and respected organization that has long served refugee families.  

3)  Explore ways to assist refugees who are "stuck" in camps in the Middle East and elsewhere.  As our speaker from the International Orthodox Christian Charities described, the needs are great.  Doctors without Borders also serves this population. 

4)  Look for ways to interact with refugees at a personal level, as in help with English, assistance in obtaining medical care and placing children in schools, and similar needs.

5)  Offer support to St Columba's parish and other congregations when they are assigned a refugee family.

6)  Undertake advocacy work at the local and state government level to "smoothe the way" for good policies affecting refugees.  
7) As part of Advocacy, develop stronger relationships with churches, synagogues and community groups who are working to address refugee needs.

Please come, add your thoughts to the discussion and help St Dunstan's help Refugees.
Ray Donnelly


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