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Resurrection Stories

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This Eastertide the focus of our sermons and adult formation will be on hearing the Gospel stories of Jesus’ resurrection and hearing and sharing our own stories of resurrection.  After all, it is through these stories that our life in Christ as Christian people is centered and finds meaning. For while we are told that the disciples and the women who were first witnesses to the resurrection were at first fearful; and we are even told that they “didn’t tell anyone” - clearly they did! And clearly, we must learn to tell our stories of resurrection so that others might come to believe. Join us this Sunday, April 12, for our first stories of resurrection, as Jeff and Sue open the conversation to telling our stories and read more below about our guest speakers and preachers during the Great Fifty Days.  Alleluia! Christ is risen!

Patricia Lyons will be with us on Sunday, April 19 and May 3 for     our formation time and as our preacher at the late liturgy.  She brings a compelling energy and passion to her love of live and a profound depth to her understanding of the Christian faith. Dr. Patricia Lyons is currently the JK-12 Director of Service Learning at St. Stephen's & St. Agnes Episcopal School in Alexandria, VA and is in her 15th year of teaching ethics and religion at the Upper School. She is also an adjunct at the Virginia Theological Seminary, where she teaches evening and summer courses to masters and doctoral students. Patricia has taught courses in Systematic Theology, C.S. Lewis, Sigmund Freud, Theology and Fiction, and most recently, Christian Themes in Harry Potter and the author of The Soul of Adolescence: In Their Own Words.

Susan Flanders will join us on Sunday, May 10 to share from her experience various stories of resurrection in her life and in the life of the communities she has served. The Rev. Susan Flanders is a retired Episcopal priest of the Diocese of Washington and the author of Going to Church: It’s Not What You Think!  She will share some stories from her book that speak to our topic of Resurrection Stories on Sunday, May 10.  Her book is considered to be a modern Pilgrim’s Progress which interweaves family drama, theological insight, and a critique on conventional “churchiness.” 

Children’s Formation
The children will be back in the classrooms on the lower level on Sunday, April 12 to learn more about the Easter story.  Next week children will sing with Michael during formation time.


Youth Formation
The Coffee House will be open on, Sunday, April 12, and those present will talk about stories of resurrection from our gospel writers. Austin Fodrie will be leading the conversation this week.


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