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Should we have a $15 minimum wage?

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Join the discussion Monday, Sept. 11, 7:00 p.m. 
That's the question to be debated at St. Dunstan's community forum Monday, September 11, 7 p.m.  This issue has come again before our Montgomery County Council.  Our parish's Justice League studied the issue of increasing income a be a living wage - a full time worker should be able to support him/her self.  In a high cost area such as ours, $15/hour is an appropriate rate of pay. 
In my opinion, lessening income inequality is a moral imperative, because Jesus taught us that poverty is a stain on human society.  (He also said that wealth is fraught with dangers.)  Income inequality lessened in the U.S. from WWII until 1970.  From the 70's until now it has increased dramatically.  We have seen median income fall in the U.S. since the peak in 1999.  U.S. tax policy is advantageous to the wealthy.  The middle and working classes are at increased risk and fear of economic collapse. 
A $15 minimum wage means that a full time worker earns $31,200 per year.  Most of us would not consider working full time for that, and would find it extremely difficult to get by on that income.  Loving our neighbors means striving for a just distribution of the world's wealth.  That's what I think. 
What do you think? Come, and bring interested friends and neighbors to our forum on the $15 minimum wage for Montgomery County.  JBM 



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