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Welcoming Ministry This Sunday 10 a.m. in the Parish Hall

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Attracting, welcoming, and incorporating new people into our congregation is the main goal for St. Dunstan's, established by our Vestry. Church experts tell us that, to be effective, every person in the congregation needs to be part of this effort. In other words, "Everybody is on the welcome Committee."

We have many ways to help -

  • Trail Guides welcome worshippers as they arrive on Sundays for the late service (contact Tom or Rosemarie Barrett, Joanne Comstock, or John Wyss to help with this important ministry.)
  • Host families at the 9 a.m. service who welcome worshippers.
  • Gift bags packed with St. Dunstan's information and a few goodies. Come Sunday at 10 a.m. (all ages) to help. Contact Jeff MacKnight.
  • Mapping our neighborhoods - Come Sunday at 10 a.m. to see where we all live, and who are your neighbors. We'd love to have a parishioner or two in each neighborhood to reach out to newcomers.
  • Delivering a small gift to people's homes soon after they visit St. Dunstan's for the first time, to show our appreciation for worshipping with us. (This has proved extremely effective in drawing people back for another Sunday.)
  • We now receive up to 100 names of move-ins in our area every month. We want to let them know about us, and reach out and invite them to St. Dunstan's.

We plan to gather helpers on Sunday about once a month to pitch in on our many welcoming tasks. All are welcome; just bring your coffee over to the table set up for the welcome ministry. We need you!

Our Vestry Membership Committee collects our attendance and growth data and sets our strategy for welcome and growth. Its members are Fred Bentley, chair; Lynne Adduci, and Nils Overdahl.


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