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Trail Notes: 01/27/2019

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Jesus’ Mission Statement

Much fuss has been made in recent years about organizations having a proper “mission statement” to guide their work. Sometimes, I’ve wondered about this near-obsession! But it is true that an organization needs to be very clear about its mission – what it is, and isn’t, meant to do, and how to measure its effectiveness.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus opens the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and reads a short passage. He declares that this is his mission: to bring good news to the poor, to bring sight to the blind, and liberty to oppressed people…to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor (what does he mean by that?!).

This is not a new mission – it is as old as this passage from the late chapters of Isaiah, written some 500 years before Jesus. It is this a fully Jewish mission. And Jesus didn’t choose it for himself; it is God’s Spirit who drives him.

This makes me ponder what my own life mission is, as a human being, and as a Christian? Am I clear about it? Can I articulate it? Does it truly guide my actions every day?

A personal mission statement is a worthy effort for each of us, if we want our lives to be aligned with the one we follow. JBM

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