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" Come and have breakfast"

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When I was a kid (before eggs and bacon were condemned as horrible for human health), I remember my mother making breakfast for my dad and my brothers and me before school. The smell of sizzling bacon and toasting bread would waft through the house, and then my mother would call us: “Come and have breakfast.”

These four simple words convey so much:  welcome, graciousness, hospitality, care, love. These are warm memories! In today’s resurrection story, Jesus appears to his disciples, standing on a beach over a charcoal fire, toasting bread. He calls to the disciples in a fishing boat, “Come and have breakfast.”

One of our parish small groups focuses on Economic Justice, which may not seem related to the “bagels and lox” Jesus offered his disciples. But eating breakfast is intimately related to economic justice and wellbeing. 

Churches have always found ways to feed the hungry, and that’s a good thing. As a society, most of us agree that people should not go hungry in a nation as rich as ours. Collectively, we use government policy to promote our values that all human beings should have enough to eat and to live. (Breakfast at school is one such policy that prepares children to learn with full stomachs.” Much in the news these days is the issue of economic inequality: especially the decline in the incomes of Middle Americans, while the incomes of the richest skyrockets. Jesus did not condemn wealth per se, but he always spoke up for the poor to get enough. We who follow him can do no less. 

In Adult Formation at 9:50 a.m. this Sunday, the Economic Justice group will share its work so far on this huge, perplexing issue. I hope you’ll come and explore how we can do God’s will and care for the poor in our society.  JBM


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