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Pentecost is the third great feast of the Christian year – right up there with Easter and Christmas. It is a feast of the Holy Spirit of God being poured out upon “all flesh” – all humanity who will receive the Spirit. 

Sue Carroll will be our guest preacher – it’s always a treat to hear her thoughtful and humorous message! She has selected the story of the valley of dry bones from Ezekiel as the Hebrew scripture – a much-loved tale of dead bones being animated and brought to life again by God’s Spirit, or breath, and reconnected into living bodies. 

In the Gospel of John, the Holy Spirit is at work again, this time carrying the redemptive work of Jesus far beyond the bounds of Jesus’ earthly life. After Jesus ascends, the Spirit comes to spread the Good News of God’s love to the ends of the earth. How? Through the birth of the Church as Christ’s new spiritual body on earth. 

Of the three persons of the Trinitarian God, the Holy Spirit is probably the least celebrated and least understood in our Anglican tradition. All of us have an image of God the Creator, and Anglicans celebrate the incarnation of Jesus Christ in great depth.  But the Holy Spirit is more ephemeral: harder to describe and name. One useful approach is to think of the Holy Spirit as God’s indwelling of human hearts and minds – the inner compass that inspires us and guides us towards God’s will.  How do you think of the Holy Spirit at work in your life? In the church community? In the world? JBM

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