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The Cross We Bear

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As Christians we see all of life as shaped by the cross – the archetypal pattern of life, death, and new life which Jesus lived out for us. Sometimes the cross we bear can be very heavy indeed – disappointments, terrible losses, bitter conflict, and ongoing anxiety about our future. When we are in the depths, it’s hard to believe there can be any new life for us. 

When we feel weighed down, we often turn inward…I know I do. But that’s the very time we need to take our burden to Christ and lay it down. We need not face our challenges and tragedies alone. How Christ helps us bear our heavy load, I don’t know…but he does.  And in the Body of Christ, we help each other through our prayers, our caring, our visits, our casseroles, and all the small ways we reach out and touch each other. I have felt that love and care myself, in my recent times of loss.  It’s a great blessing. That’s why we’re here, together, at St. Dunstan’s.                   JBM



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