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Trail Notes: 01/08/2017

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With the new year, we begin a new sermon series at 10:45 a.m. services:

Hard Knocks: Weathering the losses, troubles, and conflicts life brings, without losing our humor, compassion, and inner peace.

We all face tough times in life: illness, relationship troubles, aging, rejection, and failure. As we get older, we face more and more losses – of friends and family members, of physical health and capabilities, of dreams and possibilities for the future.  This is all part of being human, but that doesn’t make it easy. 

Our faith in God doesn’t eliminate these challenges, but our faith can help us immensely to navigate stormy seas and maintain our bearings, our inner peace.  Strong roots in Christian faith help us find compassion for ourselves and for others, and hope for new life – resurrection – to emerge out of the heartache of painful experiences.  Isn’t that what we all need, and long for? 

In planning this series, I’ve thought of many “hard knocks” that come to us:

  • Relationship breakup or divorce
  • Failure – all kinds
  • Job loss, firing, and rejection
  • Death or loss of a child, friend, partner, or relative
  • Dealing with a troubled child
  • Crisis of faith
  • Debilitating illness or accident
  • Mental health issues, depression
  • Financial crisis, poverty
  • Aging, infirmity, dementia
  • Betrayal, hurt, humiliation
  • Disillusionment/despair

I’ll be talking about many of these.  Of course, there are many others.  Is there something you’d like to see addressed in this series?  If so, please let me know and I’ll do my best. 

This is not a kind of self-help course, nor will it be a “don’t worry be happy” version of Christianity, as if bad things don’t happen to faithful people.  They do.  Rather, my goal is to bring to bear Christian resources from scripture, the life of Jesus, and the practices of the Church to help us cope with very real problems in life, and come through them.  The paradigm of Christian life, simply put, is:

Arrow: Right:    Arrow: Right:    Life       Death      New Life. 

Come participate in this new sermon series on “Hard Knocks” at the 10:45 a.m. service, starting January 8, 2017.    JBM


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