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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 01/29/2017

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“Blessed are the poor in spirit…
Blessed are the meek…
Blessed are the merciful….”

If these declarations sound contrary to the culture we’re living in, it’s because they are.  These “Beatitudes,” or blessings, are Jesus’ vision for the Kingdom of God – not up in heaven somewhere, but right here on earth.  And that Kingdom doesn’t work the way we are used to.  Lately, we’ve seen precious little modesty, meekness, mercy, or poverty of spirit in our country.  Instead we’ve had a steady diet of bullying, insulting, accusing, name-calling, and lying.  Jesus would be indignant. 

But even at the best of times, we don’t know what to do with these teachings – they turn our normal world-view upside down.  The world teaches an economy of power.  Jesus teaches an economy of grace.  It is our life’s project – if we are serious about following Jesus – to conform ourselves more and more to Jesus’ vision: an economy of grace, where the poor are fed, the meek are respected, the merciful are encouraged. 

This Sunday Julie Petersmeyer is our preacher at both services.  Julie is in the diocesan deacon’s training program, and is with us at St. Dunstan’s for 6 months.  We welcome her and hope to learn more about her life and ministry, particularly at the D.C. Jail, working with prisoners – a ministry Jesus asked us all to do. 

At the 10:45 a.m. service this Sunday, our Adult Choir will sing the Gospel – a setting of the Beatitudes from St. Matthew.  Our choir has grown in number and in skill with chanting the psalms, as well as offering anthems at worship.  Please let them know you appreciate their ministry.  JBM

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