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Trail Notes

Trail Notes 02/11/2018

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Our Jewish Lord Jesus

How easily the Christian world forget just who Jesus was!  How many paintings of a blue-eyed, fair skinned Jesus have you seen?  How can Christians continue to denigrate the Jewish people, when Jews was a devoted, practicing Jew his whole life? 

I’ve been reading a lot about Jesus in his historical and cultural context lately.  This may not sound riveting to you, but I continue to be fascinated by this man who changed the world from during his short earthly life in an obscure corner of the Roman Empire.  No matter what one believes about Jesus, there is no question he has changed the course of human events, and still propels humanity with his simple challenge to love our neighbors. 

Today’s story called “The Transfiguration” comes every year just before we enter Lent.  In it, a few disciples see Jesus on a mountaintop glowing a dazzling white.  He is conversing with Moses and Elijah, two leading lights of Jewish tradition.  The message is clear: Jesus is a continuation of God’s revelation to the Jewish people through Moses, Elijah, and many other prophets and leaders.  Christians follow the same God as the Jews.  Jesus did not supersede or dismiss the Jews’ relationship with God – how could he, since he was himself a faithful Jew? 

As we enter the season of Lent again this year, our parish theme is “Meeting God in the Wilderness.”  We wander with Moses, Elijah, and Jesus in our various wildernesses.  Let us trust that God will meet us there – on a mountaintop, or in a deep valley, or on a dusty road.  JBM  


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