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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 03/26/2017

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“The Lord looks on the heart.” 

Innumerable stories in scripture deal with people who are blind.  Blindness is clearly a primary metaphor for what ails us spiritually.  We don’t see properly; we don’t see the way God sees. 

When God rejected Israel’s first King, Saul, God sent a startled prophet Samuel to anoint a new king from the sons of Jesse.  Samuel saw seven sons, and thought they were worthy, but the Lord chose none of them.  God advised Samuel to look differently: “Do not look on his appearance….  The Lord looks on the heart.”  Finally, the youngest, David, was called in from the fields, and the Lord said, “This is the one.” 

Even the prophet Samuel couldn’t see as God sees…and neither do we, much of the time.  Samuel was afraid to challenge the status quo of King Saul, but God was moving on.  Sometimes we just don’t want to see new realities.  Our human needs, desires, and insecurities get in the way… they blind us to what we don’t wish to see.  Yet God may have something new – and very good! – in store for us. 

Personally, I struggle these days with the news, because there’s so much news I just don’t want to see.  Yet God calls us to be citizens of the world, and to work in our communities for compassion, mercy, and justice.  So I need to balance my own need to limit negative inputs, with my need as a Christian to be active in the world.  Maybe you can identify with this struggle. 

Jesus healed many blind persons, in various circumstances.  He called himself “The Light of the World.”  Jesus gives us the gift of true sight.  He shows us how to see God in our needy neighbors.  He lights our trail for us.  “I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see.”  JBM


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