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Trail Notes: 04/08/2018

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Babies are wonderful!  But they are also messy little creatures.  They spit up, soil their diapers, and get dirty exploring whatever they can get their hands on.  In essence, they are human beings.  We all live lives that get messy.  Whether baby or grownup, we often need a good bath.  Once we have one (or a shower), we feel clean, rejuvenated, and ready for life again. 

We are bathing a baby this Sunday at 10:45 a.m.: “Coco” Gomez – daughter of Julie Anderson and Tony Gomez, will be baptized.  Easter is the best possible time to baptize a child into the fellowship of Christ.  Baptism is itself a spiritual experience parallel to the journey of Jesus: with Jesus, we are moving through death into a new life – from dirty to clean, from messy to ship-shape.  With baptism, a new reality comes – a new child of God, a new member of the Body of Christ, a.k.a. the Church. 

Some churches do not baptize infants, because they aren’t conscious of what is happening, and aren’t able to make a decision.  We do baptize little ones, because we acknowledge a reality much bigger than any of us – the fellowship of God’s love – and we want our children to be included in that.  Being loved doesn’t require a decision; love is a free gift that showers over us, like clean water.  We simple experience it, and eventually we acknowledge it as the wonder that it is.  JBM 


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