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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 04/10/2016

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Easter, Continued. 

Easter day was two weeks ago. We did our church celebrations with care; we enjoyed the flowers and music immensely; we welcomed many guests to worship, and proclaimed that the world is forever changed, renewed, because God raised Jesus from death. (Thanks to every one of you who participated in Holy Week and Easter at St. Dunstan’s, and helped make them exquisite and evocative.) 

So in these two weeks, we’ve talked about what the women saw and experienced when they went to the tomb and it was empty. We’ve thought the disciples, who found all of this very difficult to believe; about Thomas who needed to see and touch Jesus in order to believe. We identify with those disciples!

Sometimes I wonder what it was like for Jesus. How did he wake up from his “three days’ sleep in death?” Was it the light shining in his eyes after the stone had been rolled away?

How did Jesus feel then? He must have been sore after the beating he took….his mouth parched and sticky, his muscles strained from hanging so long. 

What would Jesus have wanted to do? If it had been I, I would have thought I well deserved a good long break, maybe at one of those all-inclusive beach resorts in the Caribbean. 

But instead, God called him out of that tomb, not to rest, but to go back to work, back to his disciples in the upper room, on the beach in Galilee. The job of making disciples wasn’t finished, just as our job making disciples isn’t finished after baptism, or confirmation, or any other rite of passage.

After the great power and beauty of Easter is past, how do we stay fresh and eager and ready to serve in God’s name? Maybe our muscles are sore and we could really use a break, like Jesus!  And yet, life goes on. And God is in every moment, every conversation, every ray of sunlight shining in our window.  Go and find your own place in the sun.  JBM


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