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Trail Notes: 05/15/2016

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Celebrations and markers in life
This Sunday we celebrate the last major feast of the church year, the Feast of Pentecost. This is the day of the coming of the Holy Spirit and what is commonly referred to as the birthday of the Church. That’s church with a big “C,” the church universal. For St. Dunstan’s, this coming week also marks the celebration of our patron saint, whose feast day is May 19.
Times of celebration usually have some common threads in our lives. Maybe we throw a party complete with balloons, cake and games. Maybe we get to choose the kind of cake or our favorite meal or go to our favorite restaurant. When we are young usually everyone makes a big deal out of our birthday celebrations; but as we get older we tend to forget the day or at least tone down the festivities. If we are together with family and friends, there even might be some story telling about the person or event being celebrated. Probably those stories will focus on past events, but some may also look to the future. 
If we were to hold a celebration for St. Dunstan’s this week, what stories would you tell of our past? If someone were to ask you to share your favorite memory of your life in this place, what would that be? 
What about today – would you have stories to tell of what is happening now? What is your favorite time of year or celebration or event that happened here? Have you considered sharing that with a friend or neighbor? 
And if we were to look forward and wonder about what the future will bring to this community of faith. What might that be? What would be your greatest desire for this community as it moves toward its 6th decade? How might you use your gifts and skills to bring that about? 
Our Growth Committee is presenting their work during our formation time this Sunday, May 15. If you have questions, or ideas, or hopes and dreams for what this faith community might be, please consider coming to the adult class to hear about ideas and plans to move us forward.
Sue von Rautenkranz


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