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Trail Notes: 06/26/2016

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How is your Foundation?

I spent this past week in South Carolina, the longest visit since the storms and flooding that occurred in October of last year. While I have been there for two brief overnights, I was not able to visit the house I still own or tour the areas that had been severely damaged last fall. My house is just fine, but many familiar areas of the city are still in recovery and there are signs of the damage all around. Vacant homes, lost businesses, roads that are still closed, and creek beds and banks being reinforced. One bridge, which had been closed since the storm, opened just this week – shortening a commute time which had been lengthened to an hour for some. That sounds easy for us here in the DMV, but huge for folks used to 10-15 minutes.

The storm that dropped over 40” of rain in just a couple days was way beyond the capacities of the drainage systems. However, the matters were made worse because there had also been deferred maintenance and bad decisions around zoning and wetlands. We face some of those same concerns regarding roads and bridges in our area, and lets not even talk about the metro.

Our faith really isn’t that different from the infrastructure of our society. It all really depends on the foundation we build and whether or not we maintain that foundation.

The week prior to my time in SC, I attended a conference call CREDO. This 8-day event is focused on the spiritual, physical and emotional, financial, and vocation health of the clergy who attend. We are asked hard questions about all of these areas and are encouraged to make at least one degree of change for the better in each of these areas. In some of these, I’m doing okay; in others, not so well.

Who and what are the foundations for your faith? Are you building a good foundation for yourself? for your children? Is there an area where one degree of change might give you a better place to stand or balance all that life gives?

Let’s work on helping one another to build stronger and deeper foundations.

Sue von Rautenkranz


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