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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 07/24/2016

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Got Joy?

What brings you joy…really tickles your fancy and makes you feel good about yourself and the world?

Joy is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Today, I think of the joy that I find in children, youth, and music – sweet young voices joining together to bring us laughter and inspiration and hope and…yes…joy. 

That’s what we have in store for us as our young people – ages 7 to 19 – perform the first musical play we’ve had in worship for a number of years. The sermon doesn’t have to be a deadly serious exhortation of all that ails us. In its place, we can hear the Good News of the Gospel in the beauty, winsomeness, and talents of our youth. 

The story starts with God’s good creation, leads us through the pain of human rebellion against God, and finally back into a loving relationship with God through the coming of Jesus into the world. It is the Bible story in miniature. I hope you enjoy it.




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