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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 07/31/2016

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How Much Is Enough? 

The farmer in today’s Gospel had an unexpected bumper crop – more than his barns could hold! He actually had much more than enough. What should he do?  He built bigger barns to protect it all…but that night….

Most of us have been similarly blessed with material resources. We are fortunate first-world people. We have much to thank God for. But every commercial and ad we see tells us we need more. Our American society teaches us that we never really have enough. We are bombarded with two kinds of messages; I believe:

  1. We need to have more things in order to be happy; and
  2. We should be very afraid of running out of money when retire. 

Most of us here could live more simply, with less stuff. That would free up some funds for other purposes we support. We should think about that. And yes, we all need to be concerned about retirement, but living in fear is not what God wants for us!

The question that puzzles me, though, is this:

But why don’t we feel all that rich and well-off? I think it’s because many of us are time-poor, even though we have plenty of stuff. Our time feels like it’s not our own – so many pulls from work and family activities and running a house and commuting in traffic and business travel and on and on. We have an issue with time-poverty. 

In this Sunday’s sermon, we’ll delve into our common malady: time-poverty.  We’ll look at what the Gospel of Jesus might suggest to us, so that we can live more joyful, less pressured lives…so that we can feel masters of our own time, and more spiritually connected, and refreshed. I hope you’ll come and join the conversation.  JBM


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