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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 1/17/2016

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Gifts, Known and Unknown

Some years ago, the Bishop asked me to serve on the diocesan committee on Constitution and Canons, which is concerned with church laws and statutes and their revision as needed. I was puzzled, since I have no legal background. Still, I wanted to help, so I said “yes.” Well, I found it fascinating, and I served quite happily for over 10 years, and even became chair of the committee for a while! I would never have known I had any gifts for such things if I had not said “yes” when I was asked to serve. 

St. Paul speaks in I Corinthians 12 about the variety of gifts given by the Holy Spirit – gifts to build up the church, and gifts to serve people in need or trouble.  The Body of Christ – the Church – has need of all these gifts, and the Spirit gives them for the common good. You might have some gifts you’ve never used! (I’d like the gift of working miracles myself….) If you don’t explore your spiritual gifts, how will you ever know? 

As St. Dunstan’s begins a new year, we need your gifts for ministry:  the gifts of every person in our congregation. When one person isn’t offering the gifts God has given, then both that person, and the community, are impoverished. We have been recruiting for Vestry and other offices, and – thank God! – most people are saying yes! We are forming a new team under the leadership of Praveen Jeyarajah to bring growth to our parish. Growing is our primary task and focus in 2016 and beyond, with a goal of a net gain of 10 new households a year for the next several years.  I’m grateful for all who have said “yes” to serve on this crucial project. To grow our church, we’ll need everybody to be on the growth effort – talking about St. Dunstan’s, bringing friends to church, doing visible ministries in the local area, and reaching out to welcome new members in your neighborhood. I hope you’ll offer your God-given gifts to help our parish. Please offer your gifts and skills! And if you are asked to serve, say “yes.” You might be happily surprised.  JBM  


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