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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 10/25/2015

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Creation - Celebration

My mother lost almost all her eyesight from macular generation in the last several years of her life. She had used her eyes well for 8 decades – she loved to read and instilled that love in me; she used to do fine needlework. She had an eye for the beauty of creation – for color and design. She always looked her best for visitors: as a southern woman she never left the house without her “face” on! 

Jesus encounters Bartimeus near Jericho: a man who had gone blind (we don’t know how) and was reduced to begging for his daily bread. He hears of Jesus, and cries out to him, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus meets him, asks him about his hopes and longings, and restores his sight. Imagine his amazement, looking up and seeing, for the first time, the Master’s face!

The story of blind Bartimeus always reminds me what a blessing is the gift of sight: eyes to see the earth and sky, the grass and flowers, a cat, a mouse, a crackling fire…eyes to behold the wonderful variety of people I meet, and expecially those dearest to me. And, of course, eyes to read – everything from murder mysteries to Holy Scripture. Never take your sight for granted. 

Our Creation Season has taken us from planting to nurturing to harvesting, and this Sunday, to celebration. Let us see anew the wonder of creation and rejoice in all that we have been given! My mother died in darkness, but I believe she is with the Lord now and sees again all that is lovely in life and love. Her eyes have been opened. May God open your eyes and my eyes to see God’s hand in all God’s works.  JBM  


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