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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 10/29/2017

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The Elephant that’s not in the room. 

We’ve had very small congregations at church in recent weeks.  We need your presence in worship, to bring life and vitality to our services! 

There’s an old tale about an old village that saved up to build a beautiful new church in which to worship God. The architect designed a lovely edifice.  As it was being completed, the villagers noted there were no lamps over the pews in the church.  They asked the architect why not, and he said, “Let each individual and household bring a lamp to worship and hang it over their pew.  Then, when all are present, the church will be filled with light.  And where worshippers are absent, there will be a dark place to remind that they are missed.” 

Worship is like that – we need to gather together, to be present for God and for each other.  When persons and families are missing, they leave a hole in our community.  Please be present in church each Sunday, and bring your light.   JBM 

Reformation Sunday –

This Sunday marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 theses to the chapel door in Wittenburg, officially starting the Protestant Reformation of the Western Church.  Churches throughout the world will be recognizing this anniversary. 

Our Episcopal/Anglican tradition separated from papal authority along with the reform movements of continental Europe.  But we retained catholic practices such as the sacraments, the ancient liturgies, and the ministry orders of bishop, priest, and deacon.  The English Reformation became a rich well of scholarship, tradition, and missionary zeal, which has now spread around the world as the Anglican Communion.  Today, most Anglicans are people of color, with a huge portion residing in Africa.  The churches in the UK and the US are shrinking by comparison.  We’ll discuss the legacy of the Reformation in our sermon this Sunday.  JBM.  


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