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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 11/1/2015

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Passing on the faith

Today in the church one of the greatest needs is assisting all of our people to with tools to pass on the faith. Why is this? Well, there are lots of reasons – fewer and fewer people know the story of God at work in the world; fewer actually are raised in the faith, and even among those who are, many do not know the biblical story; and an even smaller number are either willing or able to take the time to learn and grow in their own faith journey.

How did you come to know Jesus?

An interesting question on this All Saints’ weekend. All Saints’ Day is the day the Church remembers all those who have gone before us, those who we remember but who don’t have their “own” day of remembrance. You know – like the big SAINTS – Francis, James, John, Mary, Julian, etc. All of those big saints have a day on the Church’s calendar for remembrance. But for all of those who have passed on the faith but only have special days in our hearts, this is the day that they are remembered.

Who taught you the stories about Jesus?

This Sunday, The Episcopal Church will be installing our next Presiding Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry. This will happen at Washington National Cathedral at 12 noon. Bishop Curry wants all of us in this church to be part of the Jesus Movement. By that he means that he wants us to know and love Jesus Christ and to share that knowledge and love with others. You can watch that service here at St. Dunstan’s.

Are you willing to share Jesus with others?

At the 9:00 liturgy this week and the 10:45 liturgy next week, we will welcome three new folks into the Christian family through baptism. Aidan and Quinn McNally are being baptized this week and William Gormley the following Sunday. In those liturgies we will affirm their baptisms by saying that we will do all in our power to support these persons in their life in Christ.

At our adult formation offering this Sunday at 9:50 a.m., we welcome Dr. Elisabeth Kimball. Lisa has been my friend, colleague, mentor and companion on my journey of faith for over 30 years. She is on the faculty of Virginia Theological Seminary and works primarily in the areas for faith formation. Come and hear her thoughts and wisdom about Passing on the Faith.

Sue von Rautenkranz


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