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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 11/19/2017

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“The Rich Young Man”

It’s time. 

It’s decision time…. pledges to support St. Dunstan’s in 2018 are due this Sunday.  Your Vestry leaders will then build a budget plan based on your giving.  This is never an easy process – there are always more needs than we have dollars.  But if every household makes a generous pledge our job will be much easier!  Thank you, in advance, for your support and commitment.    

Today’s Gospel is the well-known if not well-loved story of the rich young man.  He is much blessed.  He sees the world laid out before him, full of options, possibilities, and pleasures.  Yet Jesus fascinated him, attracted him….  God’s path of righteousness, of radical love, drew this young man in.  He wanted that for himself!

But what about all those other inviting paths for his life? We can imagine a lavish lifestyle of comfort, servants to meet his every need, an easy life in blissful solitude, undisturbed by the suffering of the world….

This story makes me uncomfortable because I see myself so clearly in this fortunate man.  He has so much.  But he feels a hunger for something more, something different than the satisfactions the material world can offer.  Yet it’s so hard to turn away from the cultural values of wealth and ease, sequestered from the hardships faced by most humans on the planet. 


For the rich young man, Jesus posed a stark choice – all or nothing.  But our lives are not like that.  We face innumerable everyday choices on how we shall live.  What do I buy?  What shall I invest money in?  Where shall I put my time and energy for the good of the world, the upbuilding of God’s Kingdom? 

Now is the time to make one of the important choices in your life.  Your pledge to St. Dunstan’s is an investment in love, justice, mercy, and community – in a world where all of those are desperately needed.  Your pledge is an outward and visible sign of your commitment to Christ’s love.  It is time to throw the weight of our lives to the side of love.  I ask you to do that this Sunday.  JBM


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