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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 5/22/2016

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Everybody Loves a Picnic

Think of it as a re-enactment of the Feeding of the Five Thousand.  Picture a grassy hillside, rolling down to the edge of a large lake.  Jesus has just finished a spell-binding teaching; the crowd is electric! And really hungry.  There is no McDonald’s or Chipoltle to stop and get a bite, nor did most of them have money to buy food. What to do?  The disciples didn’t know.  But Jesus asked them all to spread their blankets on the green grass.  He asked for people to share whatever they had.  He blessed what they offered.  And it was enough…with lots of leftovers! We can do that today, and every Sunday, as we ask God to bless our gifts, and share our own stories. 

It’s also Trinity Sunday – a feast of the church that points to the awesome majesty of God: three ways we know God.  But actually, we know God in many, many ways  - when we open our eyes, when we taste and see what the Lord offers us.  What hungers do you bring to church with you this Sunday?  Are there ways God is filling and nourishing you today?  JBM


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