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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: 8/2/2015

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"This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom God has sent." John 6:29

What are you hungry for?

There are images that stay with you for a long time. My recent experience in Ecuador is a source of many images in my head these days. Many are images of those who are much poorer in resources than I have ever been. Fire jugglers earning their daily meal, a man asleep on a rock with empty bottles scattered around him, indigenous folks selling their creations, and the ever present street dogs searching for food in the garbage. Images of the family home we visited - the dirtiest kitchen I have ever seen, two rooms, an outside wash stand, Guinea pigs, chickens, kernels of corn, a couple much younger than they look, a pre-adolescent son - yet smiles of welcome and gratitude.

Each time I come back from Ecuador, or other places where I have witnessed places in need of the basics we take for granted; I wonder and have conversations in my mind about what I will do differently. How can and will I make a difference, will I be able to keep alive my desire to change one thing about myself that could provide for others, and in the big picture of the world how will what I do make an impact on anything?

Last week I spoke of gratitude. This week I challenge all of us to dig deeper.

I want a world where a child does not die every 3 seconds from hunger; where every child can go to school; where medications are made available for curable diseases; where clean water is the norm; and where … the list goes on and on.

Each of us can do something to make a difference. One of our small groups is looking at the big picture of economic justice, the imbalance of our structures, and how we might begin to address this through legislative action in our diocese. They have been hungry enough to meet and discern on this issue almost bi-weekly, even over the summer!

This year, I am hungry enough to sponsor a child for one year of education in Ecuador. It is only $384 per year, but it is one thing I can do, and it will make a difference for that child and their family. And hopefully I will sustain this for years to come.

Many in our church are making a difference in various ways - what is your story of changing the world? If you are hungry for something and don’t know how or where you can make a difference, let’s talk. Together we will find a place to begin dealing with that hunger.

Sue von Rautenkranz


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