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Trail Notes: All Saints November 6, 2016

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All Saints

Saints are, simply put, holy people. St. Paul referred to all the Christians in the churches as saints. Why? Were they all perfectly righteous, moral exemplars, tireless workers for good? No…they were probably a mixed bunch, much like ourselves. But they were saints, they were holy, because they were connected to God. Their identities, their holiness, came from being children of God, loved by God. 

You may not feel particularly holy, but your relationship with God makes you holy, makes you a saint.  Brother Curtis Almquist, a monk at the Episcopal monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, relates holiness to compassion:

“Compassion, not purity, is the essence of holiness,” he says. 

Can you imagine yourself as a saint, not because you are pure, but because you show compassion? Your care for people in need or trouble, your monetary gifts, your prayers, your compassion for suffering souls…these are the markers of holiness. These are actions we can take on a day-to-day basis – the caring phone call or email to a friend, filling a Thanksgiving basket for a family in need, stuffing turkey-and-cheese sandwiches into baggies for people on the streets – these are the small acts of compassion and kindness that lead us to God. 

Our Annual Giving Campaign ends with Consecration Sunday, November 13.  Every dollar you pledge to St. Dunstan’s is an act of compassion. Your gifts are used carefully, frugally, to do God’s work of compassion in this corner of God’s Kingdom. Please make your pledge, and be as generous as you can, so that this work can continue. St. Dunstan’s is a small church, but we are mighty in good works! Please join your fellow parishioners in giving Simple Gifts – for the Church and for the World.   JBM



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