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Trail Notes

Trail Notes: Consecration Sunday, 11/13/2016

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“The Lord has need of it.” 

That’s what Jesus told his disciples to say, when they went to “borrow” the young donkey Jesus was to ride into Jerusalem that fateful day – Palm Sunday. “The Lord has need of it.” That was enough. No more explanation was necessary. 

There are times in our lives when we hear the call from the Lord to give what we are able to give, for the furtherance of the Kingdom, that God’s Kingdom should come, God’s will be done. It may be spending time with a person in great need, in hospital, or just lonely. It may be helping with a refugee resettlement project, or assembling a Thanksgiving basket for a family who will delight in it. Sometimes it means traveling to a distant land to help relieve suffering and bring some hope. 

“The Lord has need of it.”

In today’s world, money is at the center: it is how we value things, time, other people, even ourselves. We vote our values by the way we use the money God gives us. There is no truer measure of our life’s priorities than our checkbook register…or the electronic equivalent of it! 

And yes, the Lord has need of our money: Not to build fancier temples for worship, but to work in our neighborhood to share Christ’s love and bring people to worship. Not simply to hire more staff and run more programs, but to create space where our deepest spiritual needs can be shared, explored, and filled. Not just to serve ourselves, but to reach into God’s world and change it for Jesus’ sake, to reduce the misery of God’s people, to bring cause for hope and renewed joy. 

It takes our money to do God’s work.  I ask you, as members of St. Dunstan’s community – as people of God – to dig deep and give generously, more generously than you feel comfortable. I can tell you from experience, your faith will grow and blossom if you do this. And God’s Kingdom will come to more and more people.  “The Lord has need of it.”    JBM


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